Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 380

Chapter 380

Xi Ying’s eyes narrowed slightly as she fiddled with the phone in her palm.

“Why do you want to go to fight in the palace? Why is it so troublesome to kill with one knife and kick to death? It’s not like someone has a broken hand or a broken foot.”

[…Because the Lord God’s mission requires it.]

Xi Ying’s words provide a vivid picture, and Xiao Yiyi appears to have witnessed the gory event in the Ancient Palace plane.

“All right let’s fight.”

Xi Ying’s attitude made Xiao Yiyi want to protest, but she didn’t know where to begin.

And she saw that when the host spoke with her, she seemed to be great at discussing death.

This weekend has passed us by in the blink of an eye.

Fang Jingchen spent the day at home on Sunday.

The ‘horrific experience’ of climbing the mountain on Saturday had left him in a terrible mood.

He also apologized to Xi Ying for this.

Of course, Xi Ying showed a good-natured look.

Staying with Fang Jingchen is inconvenient because she can’t seem to see Lu Zijin.

At the same time, Lu Zijin was creating virus codes in the hotel all day and night.

His thinking has become quite smooth as a result of five years of study.

It was also his first time working with code in five years.

He didn’t even think it would be so smooth.

He typed it down and tested it multiple times, but there was no issue.

This boosted his confidence.

He believed that this was God’s opportunity to kill the mechanical girl with this virus code.

To avenge his parents.

Of course, Lu Zijin would not be so simple as to think that a mechanical girl would want to kill his parents.

Someone behind the scenes must be at her service.

The people who gave the orders were Aotian Group’s current chairman and Liang Kaiyin.

Liang Kaiyin’s words in the shopping mall that day even made him confirm this.

As a result, Lu Zijin has already devised a strategy to break the net.

He didn’t just want to eliminate the mechanical girl; he also had to deal with the two opponents.

It is preferable to send them to prison to be punished by the law and expose their true dirty faces to the public.

If not, even if he dies with them, he will kill them with him.

After everything was planned, the person Lu Zijin felt most sorry for was Bing Ning.

Bing Ning dragged him out of the dirt of depravity, gave him the confidence to confront all of this, and assured him that he was a victim and that he was not bad.

If there is no Bing Ning, perhaps he is still a homeless guy who only goes to the bookstore late at night to rub books.

If there is no Bing Ning, perhaps he is still sleeping in the bridge hole, waking up every night with nightmares.

If there is no Bing Ning, perhaps he is still reading professional programming books but hasn’t got the chance to practice programming.

However, if he chooses to die alongside his enemies, he will never see Bing Ning again.

Whether in money or in favor, what he owes Bing Ning will never be paid back in this life.

Furthermore, his feelings for Bing Ning will never be reciprocated.

Why didn’t Lu Zijin express his sincerity to Xi Ying?

If it was Lu Zijin who thought he was unworthy of Bing Ning in the past, and he has now resolved to rise up, what has prevented him from confessing?

Because of death.

Lu Zijin did not want to be irresponsible.

He didn’t know what Bing Ning was thinking, and he had no idea if Bing Ning had feelings for him.

But for revenge, he has a fifty-fifty chance of dying.

If he confessed, and Bing Ning was also attracted to him…

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