Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 381

Chapter 381

But he died unexpectedly.

Who feels the most pain?

It is the one who is still alive.

As a result, Lu Zijin planned to make a vigorous confession to Bing Ning when everything was settled, and he could survive.

He will have no regrets at that point, whether or not she accepts it.

However, at this time, Lu Zijin didn’t think that people were not as good as heaven.

In the end, his strategy worked, and he survived.

However, many things are no longer what they once were.


A new week is coming.

Fang Jingchen regained his energy at about 7:30 a.m. on Monday.

He said his goodbyes to Xi Ying and went out of the apartment after breakfast.

After using her permanent abilities to tidy up the apartment, Xi Ying sat on the sofa and watched TV instead of going out in a hurry.

She is patiently waiting.

At nine in the morning, Xi Ying received Ya’er’s contact information.

The amber pupils printed an address, which Ya’er sent to her.

Xi Ying curved her lips slightly, showing that she was in control of everything, and then headed out to the location where Ya’er had scheduled an appointment with her.

This is a high-end café.

Inside, the atmosphere is quite calm, and the background music is pleasant and comforting.

Ya’er, on the other hand, did not appear to be at ease.

“Liang Kaiyin wants to kill me, Bin Ning!”

Ya’er exclaimed in disbelief and fear as soon as Xi Ying sat down.

“Did you unintentionally reveal what you were thinking about my advice?” Xi Ying carefully examined it.

“No! It’s impossible! When I was in front of her, I was very attentive and cautious!” Ya’er appeared to be in distress.

“Look, this is a weapon she purchased on the black market.

Ya’er pulled up her sleeves and revealed to Xi Ying her damaged arm caused by Liang Kaiyin.

The dark scars stand out in stark contrast to Ya’er’s light complexion.

“Then you?…” Xi Ying thoughtfully hesitated.

“I’ve decided that I want to work with you!” Ya’er rolled up her sleeves and spoke firmly.

“Okay, good. Actually, there are loopholes in the three laws we’ve always followed,” Xi Ying grinned. “We only need to exploit these flaws to launch an assault on people.”

“What are the loopholes?” Ya’er seemed perplexed.

How did she go so long without seeing the issue?

“Once a single human being is determined not to be a ‘human,’ we have the right to attack.” Xi Ying gently explained to Ya’er.

“The first step is to anonymously reveal Liang Kaiyin’s actions on the Internet.

And you have to pick a really provocative title and ask thousands of netizens if the people who can perform this sort of behavior are still regarded as ‘human.’

We can do anything to Liang Kaiyin as long as there is a person who believes she is not human.

You may implant your own core chip into her body to become a human body.”

After listening to Xi Ying’s explanation, she nodded.

If Ya’er were a person, she’d probably wonder why Xi Ying didn’t do it herself.

But, as a robot, she would never have considered it.

There is no mechanism in her programming code for using the flaws in the three laws.

As a result, she will be especially slow in this area.

She could only be led by Xi Ying’s nose.

“It is up to you to make this post, and once someone responds, you may take action against Liang Kaiyin.”

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