Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 382

Chapter 382


“Is it convenient to do it at home? “Xi Ying asked.

“It’s not convenient.” Ya’er shook her head and frowned.

“Since Saturday, Liang Kaiyin has had several more bodyguards by her side who would never leave her.

I used to be able to enter her room whenever I wanted, but now I had to knock.

To put it another way, I can’t get close to her. ”

“It doesn’t matter. Liang Kaiyin has recently shown a strong interest in my master. So I may pretend to be him and ask Liang Kaiyin out.

When that time arrives, you’ll be in ambush nearby, ready to attack at any moment.”

Xi Ying had already devised a two-handed strategy.

“Okay.” Ya’er was unconcerned about this.

Following their discussion, the two left the cafe.

Ya’er made a post, and Xi Ying arrived to meet Lu Zijin at the hotel.

Lu Zijin slept for fewer than three hours and wrote the programming for two days and two nights in a haze.

So when Xi Ying came, she found him sleeping on the computer desk.

The computer screen was dark and in hibernation.

This means that Lu Zijin slept here for at least half an hour.

Xi Ying didn’t know why Lu Zijin was so tired, but she also didn’t wake him up.

She just draped a blanket over him and left after helping him book the hotel’s meal delivery service.

She still has work to do. She won’t stay here since Lu Zijin is asleep.

There are no serious issues with the Lord God’s tasks. As long as the time is up, it can be completed.

In terms of side quests.


Xi Ying will now finish the side mission.

Fang Jingchen’s company is located in the city centre, close to the hotel where Lu Zijin is staying.

So instead of calling a cab, Xi Ying found a shared bicycle on the side of the road and cycled over.

It was almost 11:45 a.m., and it was almost time to get off work at noon.

So, instead of walking upstairs when she arrived at Fang Jingchen’s company, she waited for him downstairs.

Fang Jingchen noticed Xi Ying with a look of eagerness as he and his colleagues got out of the elevator with smiles and were going to go to lunch together.

In three and two steps, Fang Jingchen pushed his colleague aside and dashed to Xi Ying.

“Bing Ning?” he was taken aback. “What brought you here?”

“I want to surprise you,” Xi Ying said pleasantly.

“I am surprised!” Fang Jingchen nodded repeatedly.

He was going to ask how Xi Ying knew where he was working when he realized she was a mechanical girl, which must have been discovered during the binding procedure.

“Oh, Jingchen, who is this lovely lady? How come you didn’t introduce us?” Then, several of Fang Jingchen’s male coworkers approached and joked.

“She is a friend of mine.” Fang Jingchen burst out laughing.

He would not reveal that Xi Ying was a mechanical girl to his colleagues.

In his heart, Xi Ying was no different from any other person.

“Oh~ friend~” Fang Jingchen’s nonsense was not believed by his colleagues.

Look at Fang Jingchen’s innocent and bashful demeanor; she’s either his crush or his little girlfriend!

Fang Jingchen couldn’t help but smile shyly when coaxed by his teammates.

Following that, a group of them had lunch with Xi Ying.

Xi Ying acted gracefully during this process.

His coworkers were taken aback by her amazing looks and elegant behavior.

When Xi Ying walked to the restroom, his coworkers showed their envy, jealousy, and contempt toward Fang Jingchen.


[Reporting to the host, Fang Jingchen’s favorability for you has reached 90%!]

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