Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 383

Chapter 383

[With an additional 10% favorability, you can obtain Fang Jingchen’s heart and finish the side mission. Host, jiayou!]

Fang Jingchen returned to work after lunch, and Xi Ying left.

She received a message from Ya’er while riding in the taxi.

“The response was enthusiastic, and many others followed, screaming that Liang Kaiyin was not a human being.

But I didn’t write Liang Kaiyin’s name or show her picture. Is it all right?”

Xi Ying replied, “You definitely can. Tonight, I will ask Liang Kaiyin in the name of Fang Jingchen, and you will have to wait for the results.” Xi Ying gazed forward after responding, and a layer of ruthlessness appeared in her amber pupils.

Neither Liang Kaiyin nor Ya’er was able to avoid death.

She never wanted Ya’er to survive.

Ya’er has only one function: to see if the robot’s main chip can adapt to the human body.

Ya’er must die in the end, whether she can or cannot.

Those who have harmed Lu Zijin’s family will not escape Xi Ying’s wrath.


Xi Ying sent a text message to Liang Kaiyin on Fang Jingchen’s mobile phone after supper while he was having a shower.

“I’ll see you at Yunhe Bridge tomorrow at 12:30. I have something to tell you.”

“OK!” replied Liang Kaiyin swiftly.

Xi Ying could see her joyful heart in just one word.

The first invitation from ‘Fang Jingchen’ piqued Liang Kaiyin’s interest.

Xi Ying snorted coldly and removed the message.

It’s just that Liang Kaiyin had no idea that tomorrow’s appointment would be the key to her entrance into hell.

She will plunge into an endless hell after tomorrow, feeling anguish every second.

A sinful person like her would undoubtedly go to hell after death.

Fang Jingchen went to work the next day as usual. After cleaning up the apartment, Xi Ying left for the hotel.

This time, Lu Zijin didn’t sleep, and he was dressed handsomely.

It was as though he was deliberately waiting for Xi Ying.

When Xi Ying opened the door, she noticed him sitting up on the sofa.

“Pfft.” Xi Ying couldn’t help herself and burst out laughing.

“Why are you so serious?” Xi Ying asked while changing her shoes.

“Did you come here yesterday?” Lu Zijin asked instead of answering Xi Ying’s words.


“How come you didn’t wake me up?” Lu Zijin was aggrieved.

If Bing Ning wakes him up, he can see her yesterday, so he doesn’t have to let ‘miss’ bother him anymore.

“Given how well you slept, what if I wake you up if you don’t feel like getting up?” Xi Ying gave Lu Zijin a sullen look.

“No, I didn’t!” Lu Zijin quickly explained.

“Oh, I see. Then, if I catch you falling asleep again, I’ll squeeze your nose to make you gasp for air and wake you up. How about this idea?” Xi Ying said condescendingly as she approached Lu Zijin.

Lu Zijin: “…Can’t you wake me up gently?”

“No,” Xi Ying said with a shake of her head and a grin in her eyes.

“Okay, I’m here today for an important reason. I want to tell you something.” Xi Ying sat down next to Lu Zijin and casually placed her hands on both sides.

Lu Zijin sat on her right as if being hugged by her

“What’s the problem?” Lu Zijin moved a little awkwardly.

The tip of the ear was dyed with a thin layer of red.

“Do you want Liang Kaiyin to die?” Xi Ying’s voice went low and gloomy all of a sudden.

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