Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 384

Chapter 384

People become numb when they hear a voice that appears to be coming from the very peak of death.

Lu Zijin’s pupils shrank slightly as he stared in shock at Xi Ying’s calm face.

“What exactly do you mean?”

“Literally.” Xi Ying dropped her gaze and glanced lazily at her fingernails.

“Bing Ning, it is my problem to deal with them. So you don’t have to interfere!” Lu Zijin suddenly became excited.

He assumed Bing Ning would attack Liang Kaiyin since he informed Bing Ning about his experience.

Lu Zijin knew that there were many dark organizations in this world.

It’s the kind of organization that just pays to kill.

Bing Ning has so much money that it is easy to find such an organization to murder someone!

But Lu Zijin doesn’t need it!

He doesn’t want blood on Bing Ning’s hands due to him, and he doesn’t want Bing Ning implicated in this problem!

“It’s none of your concern; I don’t like her.” Xi Ying explained earnestly, but she still asked Lu Zijin, “Everything is ready, and I can solve Liang Kaiyin and Ya’er at a time.

If you’re interested, you can accompany me and watch them kill each other firsthand. It should be a lot of fun.

If you’re not interested, then don’t take my word in your mind.”

“Kill each other?” Lu Zijin repeated these words.

These words made him understand that things didn’t appear as he had imagined.

“Are you planning on going with me?” Xi Ying’s amber eyes were fixed on Lu Zijin.

Lu Zijin remained silent.

“When?” After a while, he replied.

“12:30 noon.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” Lu Zijin nodded.

“After lunch, let’s go. Now, since it’s 10 o’clock, shouldn’t we eat first?” Xi Ying stroked her hands with anticipation.

Lu Zijin: …

Can the style be changed so quickly?

Obviously, she said the gloomy things, but now she has become a silly and adorable foodie?

However, he likes this kind of Bing Ning more and more.

[Reporting to the host, Lu Zijin’s favorability to you has reached 100%! Lu Zijin has been attacked by you!]


Xi Ying cast a peek at Lu Zijin, who contacted the hotel for meal delivery, in response to Xiao Yiyi’s quick tone.

It’s not easy at all!

It’s only now 100% full!

She expected it to be much quicker than Fang Jingchen, yet he was nearly passed by Fang Jingchen.

Since his favorability has reached 100 percent, let’s start with some small benefits.

Xi Ying pursed her lips to conceal her smile as she reflected on this.

Lu Zijin’s requested meal was delivered at half past ten.

It comes with two steaks and a bottle of red wine.

Lu Zijin used to be a very eligible bachelor who knew how to have fun.

He has stayed at a number of five-star hotels.

So the steak and the wine he ordered were delicious.

The red wine is poured into the goblet, and the dark red liquid has a pleasant smell.

Xi Ying took a sip of her drink.

Then she stood up and walked over to Lu Zijin’s side.

Lu Zijin lifted his head to gaze at her: ????

With one hand, Xi Ying grasped Lu Zijin’s chin, bent down, and kissed his lips without warning.

It isn’t over yet!

She used her tongue to pry apart Lu Zijin’s lips and teeth before pouring the warm crimson wine into his mouth.

Lu Zijin was taken aback! Confused!

He was terrified like he’d never been before!

Why would Bing Ning kiss him? !

And feed him wine in this way? !

Is it possible that Bing Ning… likes him?

Lu Zijin, who was astonished and horrified, appeared to have lost his swallowing abilities.

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