Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 385

Chapter 385

As a result, the dark crimson liquid oozed from the corner of his lips.

A lovely crimson line ran from the corner of the lips to the white neck.

This method of feeding wine was learned by Xi Ying from Lou Fuling.

Lou Fuling used to molest her in this way on the previous plane.

Then, she will molest her beloved on this plane in her own unique way.


It seems that the impact is quite nice.

Xi Ying left Lu Zijin’s lips after transferring the crimson wine into his mouth.

Only then did he realize –


A sip of crimson wine nearly spilled from his mouth!

Waste is the greatest crime!

No, he must drink it all.

[F*ck! I give you full points for your posture, host. But, in fact, all you want to do is kiss Lu Zijin’s neck…]

Xi Ying cut off contact before Xiao Yiyi could continue her sentence.

It was completely dark.

Xiao Yiyi wished to cry without tears.

The current host is really cutting off contact if they don’t agree with each other!

Fortunately, it can only be cut once a day. Otherwise, she would be angry!

Lu Zijin felt the warmth on his lips fade, and just as he was going to say something, he felt hot breath sprayed on his neck.

The next second,

Hissing –

His entire body felt numb and sore, as if it had been electrocuted.

What’s worse is the nice and gentle touch on the neck!

Lu Zijin was so nervous that his entire body stiffened and his toes clenched with eagerness.

Bing Ning, Bing Ning, she was actually kissing his neck!

No, we’re not kissing, but… sucking!

Red wine is a liquid, and kissing won’t make it stop flowing.

He must be drunk.

The silky lips rubbed over the delicate flesh between the necks, making it even more irritating with a little force.

Lu Zijin had never touched a woman before, nor had he ever been so close to the person next to him.

He had the sensation that his heart was going to leap out of his mouth and that he was about to stop breathing!

However, Xi Ying’s movements would not be slowed by Lu Zijin’s reaction.

The more she observes her lover’s youthful and innocent look, the more it can excite Xi Ying’s evil appetite.

Her lips slid up his neck softly, eventually reaching Adam’s apple.

The most delicate and vulnerable part of a man’s upper body is his Adam’s apple.

As a result, when Xi Ying’s lips met Lu Zijin’s Adam’s apple, he couldn’t help but tremble.

This reaction made Xi Ying even more interesting.


She made a circle on his Adam’s apple with the tip of her pink tongue.

Lu Zijin’s physiological response was triggered by the more stimulating contact than the lips.

And from his present posture, Xi Ying could see the little tent erected underneath her with a quick glance.

Lu Zijin’s face rapidly transformed into a monkey butt color visible to the naked eye.

When Xi Ying realized this, she decided not to torment him anymore.

The two then ate in silence.

For a while, the atmosphere was awkward.

Of course, Lu Zijin is the only one who feels embarrassed.

Xi Ying is a leisure person who enjoys eating a few pieces of beef and sipping a sip of red wine.

Lu Zijin tried multiple times to violate his own principles in order to speak with Xi Ying.

But as soon as the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them back.

What else could he possibly want?

Isn’t it evident that Bing Ning has kissed and teased him?

Just like him!

As a result, he must exact his revenge as soon as possible.

Only when he has exacted his revenge, can he reveal his feelings for Bing Ning.

So, Xi Ying didn’t wait for Lu Zijin’s confession until they finished their meal and left the hotel.

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