Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 386

Chapter 386

Xi Ying’s heart is also very depressed.

Isn’t it obvious enough that she’s doing it?

Is Lu Zijin really that stupid?

She has already kissed and licked Lu Zijin, yet he still acts as if nothing has occurred.

Isn’t the favorability level already at 100%?

Did the result get hacked?


Where is the confession? !

But this is not the time to consider it.

The two had already hurried to the Yunhe Bridge in a taxi.

Let’s wait until the situation between Liang Kaiyin and Ya’er is handled, Xi Ying reasoned.

Maybe Lu Zijin is only waiting for the situation to be resolved so that he may bill and coo 1 with her.

Lu Zijin stared out the window with a light expression, but his heart was a little nervous and anticipatory.

He had one hand in his trouser pocket.

He was carrying a USB flash drive in his palm, and within the USB flash drive was the virus code he had spent two days and two nights writing.

Even though Xi Ying had already informed Lu Zijin, this time it was to witness Liang Kaiyin and Ya’er murder each other.

Nonetheless, Lu Zijin carried the virus code with him.

He was first concerned about an accident. They could kill the mechanical girl if they couldn’t kill each other.

Second, he wanted to check if his virus code worked on the mechanical girl.

If he could, he would spread widely.

If not, he must determine which code went wrong.

Soon, the two arrived at the Yunhe Bridge.

Xi Ying received a message from Ya’er at this moment.

“Liang Kaiyin has come,” a line was printed in the pupil.

Xi Ying went back: “I’m here too. Wait a moment. You can do it when I’m here.”


Xi Ying took Lu Zijin and went to the back of a green plant.

They could see Liang Kaiyin standing on the long bridge from this point of view.

Liang Kaiyin sat on a bench on the long bridge, sometimes looking around.

There was a genuine smile on her face.

She thought that the person she would meet later would be Fang Jingchen.

“Wait for me here.” Xi Ying said to Lu Zijin, “Remember, don’t come out until they kill each other.”

“You, too, pay attention to safety,” Lu Zijin said as he clasped the USB flash drive.

Xi Ying nodded and walked away from the green plant.

She went to the location where Ya’er was hiding.

Xi Ying went quietly, and Liang Kaiyin was overcome with excitement in the distance, so she didn’t notice her.

Ya’er’s heart finally calmed down as she saw Xi Ying approaching.

“Bing Ning!” She whispered to Xi Ying.

“Are you ready?” Xi Ying made her way to Ya’er.

“Ready. Can I place the core chip in her mouth?” Ya’er asked, nodding.

“Yes.” Xi Ying saw Liang Kaiyin on the long bridge in the distance and concluded: “I believe that only the core chip is required. The chip has the ability to penetrate the human body in a variety of ways.”

“Go ahead.” Xi Ying smiled back at Ya’er and said, “I feel you have a good chance of succeeding. After all, if you don’t kill her, she’ll kill you, won’t she?”

The very bewitching voice induces Ya’er to walk towards the dead end step by step.

“Well, I’m off.” Ya’er swallowed anxiously again, exited the shade, and proceeded to the long bridge.

Ya’er approached, and Liang Kaiyin rose up, puzzled as to why she had appeared here.

Ya’er knelt down in front of Liang Kaiyin without hesitation.

Liang Kaiyin appeared to be overwhelmed, and she was concerned that passersby might notice the incident, so she stretched out to help Ya’er.

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  1. to bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love

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