Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 387

Chapter 387

When it was too late, Ya’er suddenly spits out a shiny thing.

Ya’er grabbed the core chip and put it in Liang Kaiyin’s mouth at that precise moment.

After losing the core chip for thirty seconds, a mechanical girl can still move.

So, in the thirty seconds she had left, Ya’er attempted every trick in the book to force Liang Kaiyin to swallow the core chip.

A passerby walked by the long bridge and saw that the two people were very wrong. They assumed they were fighting, so they took a step forward to dissuade them.

However, when a passerby approached them, Ya’er’s body collapsed and fell to one side.

Liang Kaiyin began to cough violently without Ya’er’s influence.

She couldn’t spit out the core chip she had just swallowed, no matter how hard she coughed or dug her index finger into her throat to induce vomiting.

A curious and concerned witness asked about Liang Kaiyin’s condition.

Liang Kaiyin was looking at them dully when they noticed a powerful glow in her eyes.

This weird scene startled passersby!

They tumble, crawl, and flee quickly!

Seeing this, Xi Ying concluded that the core chip had been implanted in Liang Kaiyin’s body.

She exited from hiding and approached “Liang Kaiyin.”


Xi Ying tentatively called out.

‘Liang Kaiyin’ was half-kneeling on the ground, her head down and her body quivering slightly.

It appears to be painful.

“Are you still Liang Kaiyin?” Xi Ying asked.

“It’s you; everything is a lie!” Liang Kaiyin yelled and abruptly raised his head.

Her eyes are two different colors.

One eye belongs to Liang Kaiyin, and the other to Ya’er, the mechanical girl.

“Bing Ning, although my consciousness cannot entirely control her right now, I will be able to do so shortly!” Then, Ya’er’s voice was heard.

“Stop talking! You fool, don’t you realize you’ve been used!?” said Liang Kaiyin.

When Ya’er’s chip went into Liang Kaiyin’s body, the memory information on the core chip was sent to the brain controlled by Liang Kaiyin.

Liang Kaiyin determined from this that Xi Ying was the source of all of this.

Ya’er has no idea!

She only has her own memories, not those of Liang Kaiyin.

So, when Liang Kaiyin scolded her, she activated the core chip to spread her control over her blood and then flowed into her brain.

If all the blood in Liang Kaiyin’s brain is replaced once, Liang Kaiyin’s body will be fully hers.

This was also found by Liang Kaiyin.

She yelled angrily at Xi Ying: “What kind of grudge do I have against you, and why do you force Ya’er to treat me this way? Ah!”

And what Liang Kaiyin doesn’t get is that robots must obey the three laws, right?

Why is Ya’er able to attack her?

Even just putting the core chip in her mouth triggered an attack!

“She has no grudge against you, but you hold one against me.” A distinct voice could be heard.

Liang Kaiyin was taken aback for a minute before looking up.

Lu Zijin walked slowly, dressed simply in a white shirt and black pants.

Even basic clothing cannot conceal the blinding light that his entire being radiates.

“Lu Zijin!” Seeing him, Liang Kaiyin felt his teeth itch with regret!

Why didn’t she cut the grass and roots, and why did she forgive Lu Zijin despite his depravity?

She should kill him! Kill him!

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