Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 388

Chapter 388

“How didn’t you think you would have such a day?” Lu Zijin walked to Liang Kaiyin and stood still.

His gaze was drawn back to the arrogance of the past.

Liang Kaiyin recalled his first meeting with Lu Zijin.

She was just the daughter of a nouveau riche at the time.

And Lu Zijin comes from an affluent family.

They went to a charity dinner together, and he was the closing speaker.

The gathering was deafeningly quiet as he appeared.

The spotlight fell on him as soon as the hall door opened.

His eyes are arrogant and cold, and his demeanor is arrogant yet courteous.

At that time, Liang Kaiyin’s heart was touched by Lu Zijin.

But later, her father asked her to buy a robot, train it, and take it to the Lu family company, where they organized a conspiracy.

The Lu family’s parents both died. As a result, the Lu family became bankrupt, Lu Zijin became a wanderer, and Liang Kaiyin became the daughter of a rich family.

Liang Kaiyin scowled at Lu Zijin.

Not to mention the feeling of excitement.

But, now…

It seems as though Liang Kaiyin is seeing him for the first time.

Xi Ying was baffled.

How could Liang Kaiyin still be in a daze at such a critical moment in her life?

Although Lu Zijin’s beauty is enticing, Liang Kaiyin does not know how to choose the correct time, right?


Okay, Lu Zijin is her man.

As a result, Xi Ying stepped in between Liang Kaiyin and Lu Zijin, obscuring Liang Kaiyin’s view.

“Lu Zijin, why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me there?” Xi Ying deliberately spoke to Lu Zijin.

“I’m worried about you.”

These simple words caused Xi Ying’s lips to flutter.

Liang Kaiyin let out a piercing scream at this point.

They both stared at her.

She noticed Liang Kaiyin, lying on the ground with her head covered, her face pallid and in pain.

“I guess, Ya’er is already occupying her brain.” Xi Ying said.

“Yeah,” Lu Zijin said meaningfully.

He wanted to see both of them in pain.

At present, it is Liang Kaiyin. However, after Liang Kaiyin’s consciousness is dead, it will be Ya’er’s turn.

Liang Kaiyin stopped struggling after five minutes.

Her eyes were closed.

Neither Xi Ying nor Lu Zijin took a step forward.

They’re all waiting for something.

Sure enough, Liang Kaiyin’s eyelids opened a minute later.

The sight in her eyes revealed that she was no longer Liang Kaiyin but Ya’er.

“Thank you, Bin Ning; I succeeded!” Ya’er’s voice sounded a little excited.

She never dreamed that she’d have a human body one day as well.

“Ya’er, you have Liang Kaiyin’s body now. Can you tell me what happened in the past?”

“Ah? Oh, okay.”

Even though Ya’er had no idea what Xi Ying was planning, she followed Xi Ying’s commands and reported what had happened previously.

Who was behind the scenes, how the head of Aotian Group rose to power, how to occupy the Lu family’s property, and how to assassinate the Lu family’s parents are all covered up.

Each one is quite detailed.

Lu Zijin crouched down abruptly when she finished speaking.

Ya’er gave him a suspicious glance.

Ya’er mistook Xi Ying and Lu Zijin for members of the same gang. She assumed Lu Zijin had forgiven her. After all, she was also following orders at the time. However, she was only a mechanic girl, and…

Ya’er felt a scorching agony in her abdomen before thinking about it.

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