The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 57.2

Currency is a side quest that Xu Qiu may complete. The task was given to Xu Qiu by the system, which is extremely thoughtful. The main quest refers to the tasks that must be completed because only the former may lead to promotion, but it is not the same as the side quest.

Xu Qiu intends to establish a trading market in this little kindergarten now that they have enough supplies.

She was raised in a household with her parents when she was a child. She had everything she needed to eat, drink, and wear. Of course, her parents would buy stuff for her, but she was pleased to have extra pocket money.

Because the cubs didn’t have anything to do during their winter break, Xu Qiu created the idea for this trading market. The place was ready made and built directly underground.

Several rooms are unoccupied, and the doors may be turned into various stores without having to dismantle them.

The small items in these shops are all things that have a relatively long shelf life.

The employees who keep the shop running might be robots.

Most kindergartens are now constructed similarly, and the work in the kitchen does not require them to help all day.

“Others have to do their best.”

“The three-good student’s certificate can only be earned on a comprehensive basis,” Xu Qiu glanced at Bai Sa, “but as long as you are excellent enough and diligent enough, you may get first place in the test.”

This three-good student at Xu Qiu’s kindergarten represents good grades, morality, and performance.

Although Bai Sa’s grades are good, his brain is smart, he is cute, and Xu Qiu likes him, she can only say that his usual performance is extremely average.

Xu Qiu must be fair to everyone. She can’t stroll through the back door in front of the cubs, no matter who she likes.

Because of his carelessness, Bai Sa’s grade was three points worse than Mu Zhi’s. They were tied for second place in the class, just like You Yu.

Most likely, Hua Lan had the lowest grade due to his racial characteristics. As a result, Hua Lan was slower to learn new things, and his grades barely passed.

The little bats didn’t dare cheat again, and they wrote the papers entirely on their own strength.

Then the two brothers had completely different grades.

“Ding Ding needs to learn from Dong Dong.”

The younger brother’s temperament is quieter and his grades are better.

 The elder brother is still not convinced: “I am older and smarter than him.”

“Whether or not your academic achievement is good has nothing to do with your age.”

Not to add that the two twin brothers were born almost simultaneously, so a slight time difference has no effect on their grades.

Even if it is due to age, Hua Lan, who lived to be 100 years old, gets a lower grade, while Ding Ding, who has not yet become a brother, has a higher grade.


The small bat was particularly dubious, but he eventually sat back and listened to Xu Qiu’s following precautions.

“Don’t run around during the holidays, don’t go outside casually.”

Most cubs are more obedient, and they are wary of being electrocuted, so they rarely have the possibility to go out, but Bai Sa is different; he has great strength, and he may be able to bear the pain and go out immediately.

“The award ceremony is now over. The vacation will begin shortly. I wish everyone a wonderful and enjoyable holiday.”

Xu Qiu pondered it and took advantage of the holiday to find the strong boys among the cubs and ask them to help construct a beautiful new kindergarten.

A library and a cafeteria are also missing from the kindergarten.

Although kids can eat in the classroom, the smell will linger for a long time after they have eaten.

“Anyway, thank you for your efforts over the week. I announce that the kindergarten will be closed starting this afternoon! It will be a perfect holiday once everyone has cleaned the classroom.”

“Oh! Oh!”

The group of cubs bursts out with shouts of departure.

Xu Qiu inspected the surroundings after the cubs had cleaned them. These cubs were quite competent. They used to be silly, but now the entire window is gleaming.

She let the cubs out with a big wave of her hand, shutting the classroom’s doors and windows in the process.

Xu Qiu felt empty on the first day of her vacation.

She decided to use this chance to investigate every possible location in the underground area and then clean it up.

[Unknown rubbish +3, dirty and vacant room +1]

The other party’s old belongings are heaped up in the room, and Xu Qiu hasn’t sorted through them yet.

[Dirty and vacant room +2]

Soon, Xu Qiu found all the empty rooms that could open the door.

There are maybe seven or eight, and the rest are all sealed. Even with the assistance of 008, Xu Qiu was unable to open them.

As a childcare worker, Xu Qiu does not have many privileges, and privileges such as principal are still granted by 008.

However, the principal’s authority could not open the door at this location.

Because the people on both sides are not all the same.

[It is completely impossible for you to unlock the remaining room’s doors]

Xu Qiu examined the special door panel before hesitantly pressing her own fingerprint on the door’s obvious fingerprint input.

They remained still, and there was no sign of an opening.

The smart door lock, on the other hand, reminded her.

[Can you apply for administrator privileges?]

Xu Qiu didn’t know the administrator’s rights, but she also said it as she tried to press it.

[Even if you are able to change the entry, it should have little to do with these rooms.]

This is what 008, who was swearing, stated.

Xu Qiu tried to open the door again after inputting the information.

She didn’t have much hope, but something happened that made the system dumb.

The light on the door changed from red to green as the display light flickered. The door opened automatically with a creaking sound after the green light flashed.

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