The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 57.1

The cubs’ medical reports were issued before the winter holiday.

According to the inspection of the refitted medical machine, the teeth of the two cubs had long been loose, and the violent collision simply knocked off the teeth that may have fallen out.

This means that they will be able to regrow their teeth without needing additional dentures.

The two cubs’ teeth are growing at a rapid pace. As a result, the tips of the teeth will appear almost immediately after the inspection, and the teeth will somewhat become itchy as they develop slowly.

“Don’t lick it with your tongue. Let it develop slowly,” Xu Qiu advised.

However, until a few days before the vacation, these teeth were as small as millet grains.

Because Xu Qiu continually warned them that frequent licking would harm their teeth, the two cubs carefully restrained themselves. Otherwise, they were concerned that licking might cause them to lose their little teeth.

You will leak air if you have teeth to talk and you can only chew on one side when you eat, which is quite inconvenient.

Xu Qiu scheduled the exam at the end of the semester, and this time it was considerably more difficult. In addition, Xu Qiu created a student achievement handbook for each cub following the exam.

The Student Handbook is valid for three years, which is six semesters.

It is quite simple to record each subject’s results, and then she would consistently write the message for the student at the back.

When Xu Qiu was in elementary school, the teachers of each subject would make detailed notes at the back, but because this kindergarten only had two teachers, they just left basic comments.

The students with the best grades were given three good students 1 badges and certificates, as well as workbooks and beautiful pens.

Xu Qiu also arranged sports exams for the puerile cubs at the end of the first semester.

However, because each cub’s physical growth path is unique, Xu Qiu only examined everyone using the lowest pass line. Therefore, all elements had to pass the passing line to be considered qualified, and sports scores were not counted in the overall examination score.

The cub with the highest grade point average was the one who had the highest total score on the topics chosen by Xu Qiu for the written test.

The student with the best grades at the end of the semester was not Bai Sa or Qing Sha, but Mu Zhi who was quiet and had no sense of existence on weekdays.

“Mu Zhi did not receive full marks in only two subjects, but received full marks in all the others. Continue to work hard next time.”

Mu Zhi’s cheeks were flushed as she approached the platform to accept the prize.

She returned to her seat with a large book on her head and listened to Xu Qiu’s grades as she awarded the remaining books and pens prizes.

“The next phase is to honor the class leaders with awards. The class leader receives two notebooks and two pens, whereas the other subject class leaders receive one notebook and one pen.”

After all, it’s a holiday for Chinese New Year, so it’s better to give the other cubs a small gift.

Xu Qiu continued to distribute money after handing over this stationery. That’s correct. It’s money, money she created with her own hands.

The leftover metal pieces are used to make these kindergarten-made coins. Xu Qiu came up with the face value and design of the coins, and the skilled robots did what she told them to do.

There are three types of currency: silver, gold, and purple.

Silver costs one yuan, two yuan, five yuan, and ten yuan, gold costs twenty yuan and fifty yuan, and purple costs one hundred yuan since it emits the least purple light in the sun.

Silver coins of various values have different sizes and designs.

Xu Qiu referred to the paw prints left by the cubs as ten cubs, nine different kinds of markings, which she adjusted and blended to get all of the cubs’ imprints on these coins.

“The first-place cub stepped forward to accept the award.”

Xiao Muzhi returned to the stage, and Xu Qiu presented a silver coin with a face value of five yuan.

This round coin has a bird’s handprint.

Xu Qiu placed the silver claw coin in the small spider’s hand with great care, and the latter clasped her forelimbs and securely gripped the reward that symbolized honor.

“Next, the three good students will receive the certificates and related prizes.”

There were three students, and each received two round one-yuan silver coins.

Three good students’ titles differ from small safflower and the class leader’s tittles. It will be worthless if everyone can acquire it.

Muzhi, who placed first in the exam, is one of the three good students and received six yuan by herself, while the other cubs did not.

Next semester, Xu Qiu intends to introduce a maximum progress award. This is the first semester of the year. If no comparison is found, this reward will be postponed.

“Keep the things in your hands; maybe they’ll have new uses after two months,” she said.

Mu Zhi, the good student, paid the most attention to the principal’s words. Muzhi then placed three round coins in the tiny bag created by Xu Qiu for them.

They are all little bags made of cloth that can be washed after use and are extremely easy to use.

Mu Zhi often wore this tiny bag around her neck.

Zhu Niang and Qing Sha were the other two cubs that earned certificates and prizes. Unfortunately, the furry squad had all fallen, and there were no prizes for them.

Currency is a side quest that Xu Qiu may complete. The task was given to Xu Qiu by the system, which is extremely thoughtful. The main quest refers to the tasks that must be completed because only the former may lead to promotion, but it is not the same as the side quest.

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  1. Three Good Students is a kind of student honour of the People’s Republic of China, which recognizes students with “good morals, good grades, and good health.”

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