The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 54.2

Chen Tanliang could then hear the sound of Jing Yuan’s footsteps echoing throughout the villa. Occasionally, there was a loud sound.

Chen Tanliang couldn’t help but pause the TV and turn his head to call Jing Yuan after the sixth time he passed behind him.

“What are you doing here faffing about?”

“I’m hiding stuff.” Jing Yuan stated calmly as he looked around, his gaze still searching, “She wants to speak with me in the evening. First, let me check the villa for hidden sticks, whips, or other weapons. By the way, where was the iron ruler she used to beat us last time?”

“Why are you keeping these things hidden? Mother would not just beat people.” Chen Tanliang asked oddly.

“Fart, she’s already hit me.” Jing Yuan, with residual anxiety, said after some thought, “Last time I got whipped. Fortunately, such things are not popular in modern society, I love modern times.”

It’s impossible. She is not the type of person who hits others,” Chen Tanliang replied right away.

When the two chatted, they discovered that they had quite different impressions of Jiang Shining.

Even though she is normally kind to children and indifferent about her outward appearance, her expression is totally different. At the end of the conversation, the two were skeptical about life.

How many different personalities does their mother have?

When Jing Yuan looked up, he saw a war movie on TV. He raised his brow.

“Do you still watch this type of TV show? Don’t you think it’s filled with loopholes?”

It’s as though he’ll never watch ancient dramas or palace fighting dramas. Their fake acting is insulting to your intelligence, but their actual acting brings up memories of unpleasant times in the past.

“Of course, to harden my temperament.” Chen Tanliang stated indifferently. “So that I may treat you with a calm mind.”

Jing Yuan remained silent. He grabbed the pillow and smacked it on Chen Tanliang’s head. Chen Tanliang did not run away, nor did he intend to fight. As a result of hitting on it, the scene abruptly devolved into embarrassment. They just stood there staring at each other.

“The effect is amazing.” Jing Yuan was amazed. As soon as he lowered his head, he smiled, “I found it.”

Chen Tanliang stood there patiently watching as he removed the iron ruler from the crack of the sofa, walked straight to his bedroom to hide it, and then suddenly lost his voice.

… At times, this guy is as unreasonable as a child.

Chen Tanliang went to Jing Yuan’s bedroom door and saw that he had hidden everything he found in the closet.

“What’s the point of hiding in your own room?” Chen Tanliang asked.

“As far as I know, if she is alone and talking to someone, she will undoubtedly go to the study room.” Jing Yuan was triumphant. “If you hide it first, you will have the courage and a lot of faith in your heart.”

Chen Tanliang was stunned; he suddenly realized that his earlier fight with Jing Yuan had been extremely childish.

Chu Jing Yuan appeared to be eight years old and couldn’t have been taller.

Everyone else went home one by one in the evening. Guoguo returned from kindergarten, and everyone cheerfully ate dinner together.

Everyone should rest after dining, watch TV, then return to their rooms to take a shower.

Jing Yuan first assumed that Jiang Shining had forgotten about this matter, which would be good. As a result, he has remained silent.

He then heard Jiang Shining say, “Jing Yuan, come here.”

There was no way to get away. Jing Yuan groaned and rose from his seat on the sofa.

“What did you do again?” Jing Xuan said.

“Perhaps it’s only a question of attitude.” Jing Yuan reflected himself.

Anyway, everything is hidden, and they only chat privately, so what’s the big deal?

Jing Yuan approached Jiang Shining, intending to accompany her up the stairs to the study room, but Jiang Shining suddenly did not proceed to the second level and instead headed towards his bedroom.

Jing Yuan: …

When the two entered Jing Yuan’s bedroom, Jing Yuan couldn’t help but offer, “Go upstairs to the study. It’s more formal.”

“Have you been making trouble outside recently?” Jiang Shining said.

 “… No!” Jing Yuan was very helpless. Why did she and Jing Xuan’s first reaction was to cause trouble outside?

“Then you don’t have to be so formal; just finish the conversation here.” Jiang Shining. She shifted her gaze to the side, only to notice that the interior of Jing Yuan’s closet appeared to be bulging, with a thin rope tip descending from the gap.

She walked up to the closet and opened it, feeling a bit strange. Unfortunately, Jing Yuan was too late to stop her.

As soon as she opened the closet door, she saw plenty of items beneath the hanging suits: baseball bats, decorative knives, rulers, whips… Jiang Shining’s eyes twitched, and she realized what Jing Yuan had been up to all day.

“Are you really so self-conscious now?” She purposefully teased him.

“…I simply had one question.” Jing Yuan expressed his suspicions, saying, “Forget everything else; why are there whips in the house? Is this something that normal citizens should have in their houses?”

Jiang Shining had beaten him. Therefore, for whom was this whip made? Very considerate.

When Jiang Shining visited her studio before, she took this from the props group on a whim. But Jing Yuan misunderstood, and she didn’t clarify it.

She gave a little smile.

“You know what I want to tell you?”

“Be careful with your words and deeds, and don’t be too sloppy.” Jing Yuan hummed timidly.

“Take a look at your performance.” When Jiang Shining noticed Jing Yuan’s sluggish demeanor, she pondered for a moment, “Since you’ve experienced so much this tomorrow, we can have a good discussion. If you beat me, I’ll leave you alone.”

 “We fight?” Jing Yuan couldn’t believe it and took another glance at Jiang Shining’s thin figure –

What a joke. He could win with a single move, but that would be too dignified?

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