The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter

Jing Yuan overheard Jiang Shining mention that Chen Tanliang was the most handsome in a military uniform two days ago. So this time, Jing Yuan wanted Jiang Shining to compliment him on his heroic look in a suit, which he had carefully selected for half a day after getting the call from her secretary.

The more Jing Yuan gazed at his reflection in the car window on the way here, the more he saw himself as suave and elegant, just a higher quality version of a handsome president.

What even is Chen Tanliang? Even his little thumb can’t compete.

Consequently, when Jiang Shining’s slightly upturned eyes narrowed dangerously, Jing Yuan suddenly felt that he was a bit too complacent and forgetful……?

It is clear who taught Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan the habit of threatening people and then suddenly smiling when they were angry.

Jiang Shining set the file down and turned to face Jing Yuan. The corners of her mouth slightly curled.

“Have you been too floating lately, Chou Jing Yuan?”

Jing Yuan: Oh sh*t, this dreadful familiar feeling.

Jiang Shining raised him with tenderness and majestic strictness in their previous life. However, pure kindness cannot control Jing Yuan because he is wild. Therefore, Jiang Shining does not take him seriously in this life because she believes they are old enough.

As a result, Jing Yuan gradually adapted to the new Jiang Shining and began to develop more and more crazily.

“It would be disrespectful of you to do this.” Jing Yuan licked his lips, trying to relieve the tension. “We are now equal bosses, and we are discussing business outside. Do you want to continue beating me? Also, my name is Wang Musen.”

Jiang Shining’s smile softened after hearing him say this.

“All right, Boss Wang Musen, come sit down, and let’s both sign the contract first.” “When we go home, let’s speak about your current style issues alone,” she added softly.

Jing Yuan walked up to Jiang Shining’s desk and sat down, his heart palpitating. He pulled out the contract and Jiang Shining brushed the signature.

“How much do I pay you a month?”

“Take a look at it.” Jing Yuan spoke in a lifeless tone.

Jiang Shining’s index knuckles made contact with the table.

“Chou Jing Yuan, to be a boss, you must have the character and attitude of a boss. I’ll give you ten seconds to fix your mistake.”

 This sentence is too familiar. In his previous life, Jiang Shining told him: Chou Jing Yuan, it would be tough for you to beat the crown prince and the second prince. Don’t let me look down on you because of such a tiny setback. The next time you do something, do it with the utmost conviction and attitude, and I’ll give you one night to get back on your feet.

Jiang Shining is tougher on him than she is on Jing Xuan, but there is no other option; he was born in a difficult mode, and there can’t be a wrong step. So when he was young and didn’t know any better, Jiang Shining would use an almost inhuman method to calm him down and heal him.

Perhaps it’s because of this. Even though he is now taller than Jiang Shining, he is still afraid of her in his heart.

Jing Yuan is a little wilted; he believes that today’s luck is bad and that if he goes out, he will be reprimanded. So it’s all Chen Tanliang’s fault, or, more accurately, it’s all his fault.

There’s no way he’d be able to sit up straight.

He raised his hands, accepted the contract and pen, and scribbled a price in the price column. When he holds a pen, his slim and bony fingers appear fantastic.

“30% off the industry standard.” Jing Yuan whispered in a low voice.

Jiang Shining sighed as she stared at the young guy in front of him, who had just been unruly and rebellious, dropping his head down after hearing her comments.

Every world and every child is unique. Jing Yuan and Qiao Huize are the ones she has the most strict control over. However, the two have quite different personalities and hearts and very diverse experiences and future trajectories.

Jing Yuan is her first child on the mission and the only one in the five worlds who can cooperate with her to capture Xiu Lingfei. It’s a little different. As a result, she is always hoping that Jing Yuan will improve.

But a mother’s heart is the softest; after all, this is a peaceful world; why is she still so strict? Maybe he was just happy to be wearing a new suit today, and she told him so.

As a result, she reaches out to ruffle his hair.

“Today I got a new haircut!” Jing Yuan froze and hid his head.

“You’re quite handsome today.” Jiang Shining said, “It would be great if you could be a bit more decent.”

When he heard it, Jing Yuan’s eyes brightened up.

“So, who is more handsome, me or Chen Tanliang?” He was determined to win.

 “Both handsome.” Jiang Shining’s eyes were colored with hopeless doting, “It would be preferable if you two were more mature.”

Jing Yuan grumbled, knowing Jiang Shining would not say anything to destroy their bond. But he could see that Jiang Shining had softened again, so he recovered some of his strength.

“Doesn’t that mean we don’t have to discuss it alone tonight?” Jing Yuan expressed his excitement.

“We still need to speak about it.” Jiang Shining examined the contract before presenting it to him. “Go back to the company. My people will tell you the artist’s schedule, and Zhang Su Jin and a few of his friends will also join in, so you can talk on your own.”

“Okay.” Jing Yuan was depressed.

“By the way.” Jiang Shining called him as he was leaving, saying, “I have to attend a party in a couple of weeks. So the program team should have people to maintain the security, so you don’t need to send someone.”

Jiang Shining called him as he was leaving, saying, “I have to attend a party in a couple of weeks. So the program team should have people to maintain the security, so you don’t need to send someone.”

When Jing Yuan opened the door and entered, the Republican Young Marshal was sitting on the sofa, watching a war movie on TV with a critical and stern stare.

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