I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.2

But not a single crew showed up at the door.


You Qiuqiu:??

What happened!

Is she that bad?

Her smile faded gradually.

You Qiuqiu even assumed the program team had provided the wrong contact information. Still, when recording the second issue of Daughter’s Observation Diary, You Qiuqiu secretly asked the director of the program group.

Program Director: Really not.

She asked a thousand times and received no response.

Qiuqiu: My heart has died.

The director of the Daughter’s Observation Diary program team feels sorry for You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu is too pitiful. He saw that everyone’s level of conversation was high, so why hadn’t a trustworthy crew arrived at the door?

“When I become a variety show director in the future, I will find you when I am filming,” he promised You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu was moved and said she’d offer the director a 98 percent discount.

You Qiuqiu, who couldn’t receive the movie, didn’t feel depressed for a long time. She worked hard to get the position, and it takes a lot of guts to be a hardworking salted fish.

However, the effort was not rewarded.

That’s okay.

Anyway, she’s done what needed to be done; otherwise, what else can you do?

She can’t just grip the producer’s neck and force them to look at her.

Mr. Sheng called her again after You Qiuqiu’s self-recommendation failed.

Shiyun Sheng, “Do you remember Director Zhao?”

Qiuqiu: She will not forget.

After all…

She hasn’t approached more than a few directors.

From the artist’s eighteen-line modesty.

You Qiuqiu believe she has been searched several times. Thus she should be referred to be an eighteen-line artist, correct?

If it still doesn’t work, she should delete the title herself.

Director Zhao is the man behind the modern drama, in which You Qiuqiu played a vegetative person. The crew’s environment was excellent, and You Qiuqiu slept… No, she was happy.

Sheng Shiyun informed You Qiuqiu that the director of the modern drama had contacted him and informed him that he had a role in his hands and that if You Qiuqiu was interested, she could try out for it.

The director has already worked with You Qiuqiu and has faith in her. If You Qiuqiu nods and accepts, she can sign a contract to perform right away.

“It’s not a friendship payment. It’s a wage,” Sheng Shiyun stated before You Qiuqiu opened her mouth.

The boss is so familiar with her characteristics that You Qiuqiu feels more at ease working with him.

She would undoubtedly go.

“What exactly is my role?” She still needs to record the daughter’s variety show, so it may not be a big role.

Of course, the big role is not her turn.

You Qiuqiu is incredibly self-aware.

Now she isn’t sure if it looks okay; after all, it should be good this time, right?

In all honesty, You Qiuqiu enjoys playing a vegetative person, but it is not beneficial to the editing of the group’s big guys.

“Female ghost,” Sheng Shiyun informed You Qiuqiu, who was full of anticipation.

You Qiuqiu:??

Is this female ghost the type of captivating and attractive female ghost?

She is clueless at this moment.

The female ghost’s part was determined, and Sheng Shiyun saw the date and told You Qiuqiu, “The second season of Leisure Time will also be broadcast.”

You Qiuqiu will be in hot search as long as she appears on a variety show. He’s not sure when that became an unspoken thing in the profession. Sheng Shiyun even understands that if many artists wanted to buy hot searches, they’d look to see whether You Qiuqiu had a variety show.

The new breed of hot search queen. You Qiuqiu had no idea she had such a large effect. She nodded when she heard this.

She realizes she needs to forward Weibo one more time.

She is nothing more than a heartless Weibo reposting machine.

Later on, she will need to switch to the trumpet to promote her variety show. Today’s business is quite promising.

Leisure Time drew many viewers in its first season, and the same guest returned again in the second season, and the crowds were as large as they were celebrating Chinese New Year.


There is also a variety of sand sculpting shows to watch.

They’re not sure if You Qiuqiu has resumed live broadcasting this time. Even though it’s been a long time, everyone is still preoccupied with the idea that You Qiuqiu became yellow. After all, this meme is just too well-known.

Although Shi Jing and Cui Jiannan did not return due to scheduling difficulties and were replaced by Lan Xuan and Dong Tiantian in the second season, the crowd showed no objection.

After all, this ‘Treasure Variety Show’ is still in its second season, and most of the people who can gather are exceeding their expectations. If the two of them do not show up but the response to this season is still very positive, would there be a third season?

Of course, it is also because the program team has been preparing the audience for the psychological preparation for a long time. Almost everyone accepted it, and because Shi Jing and Cui Jiannan, who did not participate in the regular schedule, followed the entire process online, the two of them also retweeted the official announcement of the program and the premiere.

It wouldn’t be like this if it weren’t for a wonderful relationship.

As a result, their fans backed them up, stating that they would watch the second season of the show without Shi Jing and Cui Jiannan.

Fans of Cui Jiannan will be even more excited. They had heard that Cui Jiannan had reappeared later.

The program has begun airing.

The barrage was activated at the start as soon as the four former members gathered.

Just seeing the four of them will inspire plenty of memes: Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu’s ‘Eat Fujianese,’ Tao Anjie becoming You Qiuqiu’s singing guide, Ma Juan making exquisite cuisine for You Qiuqiu…

And the sand sculpture variety show is, well, sand sculpture variety show-worthy. Following the previous greetings, it proceeded to the choice of musical instruments.

Destined instrument.

The audience in front of the screen will die with laughter when artists with eager eyes bring out traditional musical instruments and reveal spectacular emotions one by one.

Everyone thought that Fang Shubai was capable enough to draw out the erhu.

You Qiuqiu’s turn has come –

She pulled her suona from her draw.

The barrage is a sea of laughter.

“Hahahaha. I laughed and cried because I knew it was out of the ordinary, but I didn’t anticipate it to be a suona!”

“It’s already smelly. The suona is the bad guy in the musical instrument, and the hand is funny.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear the Qiu Cub!”

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