I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.3

“What type of soul combo is this? Death singer + Suona, You Qiuqiu will be unbeatable.”

The suona is the intended musical instrument, which is not favorable to the most attractive girl, especially if the female musician is You Qiuqiu.

Okay? It appears to be suitable.

The program crew did not use any filters in the editing and instead went straight to the scene that everyone wanted to see. Fang Shubai plays the sound of erhu destroying trees, and You Qiuqiu joins in. You Qiuqiu suona sound like a fart.

When Fang Shubai consoled You Qiuqiu, the master repeatedly praised You Qiuqiu.

Fang Shubai’s head was imprinted with the word ‘grief.’

The crowd didn’t expect that You Qiuqiu was quite skilled at using suona and performed it well.

The suona, of course, is a musical instrument…

It looks nice, but it hurts the ears.

The program team’s dark heart has evolved, and everyone must support themselves. They barely gave 100 yuan, but You Qiuqiu’s intense insistence pushed her father to give 3,000 yuan, and Xingqiu smiled contentedly.

It’s as if your child has a fighting chance.

Qiu Cub is quite intelligent.

This, however, is all in the mirror. The program crew apprehended the rule-breaker, You Qiuqiu, and You Qiuqiu was forced to sell candied haws and fried sausages.

“Why is You Qiuqiu’s style always different from everyone else’s? I don’t mean to imply that You Qiuqiu is bad; I enjoy sand sculptures by female artists as well!”

“You wrote all the answers because of the sand sculptures.”

“2333, because Qiuqiu is wonderful. Why don’t you sing?”

This statement successfully draws everyone’s attention.

Why didn’t You Qiuqiu sing instead of selling candied haws?

Consider You Qiuqiu’s singing carefully.

That’s really too cruel.

So You Qiuqiu took the initiative to request to sell the candied haws and fried skewers. She is a good person!

More than half of those present had seen the previous season. When they saw You Qiuqiu selling candied haws, they remembered You Qiuqiu learning how to make candied haws from the grandfather the previous season.

Can the skill that has been handed down be used here?

At the time, You Qiuqiu was extremely serious about learning how to make candied haws on the program, and some people thought it was merely a show where the stars would use it in real life.

After the show, You Qiuqiu will most certainly not do it again.

Which of these stars will use these in real life?

Isn’t this the second season’s need to make a fortune?

The story here has a lot of ups and downs as well.

The two worked hard to acquire 70 yuan, which Fang Shubai then spent on lottery tickets.

Audience:? ? ?


This story is getting a little out of hand.

They’ve only heard of tea girls scamming people; they’ve never heard of people scamming tea girls.

The show crew also shared You Qiuqiu’s and the tea seller’s cell phone records, so everyone could see this fantastic master trick.

Netizen: I’m sorry, Qiuqiu, I underestimated you.

Xingqiu: Qiu Cub is too amazing!

Finally, it should be said that the scammer’s IQ is insufficient or that You Qiuqiu’s rank is high.

This is no longer a well-known scene. Netizens believe this will go down in the history of the variety show. This is a story that even the best screenwriters couldn’t create. Just ask who can come up with it!

Because You Qiuqiu did not accept the ten yuan, she asked that the program staff contact the police.

The three points of view are all correct.

Please transcribe You Qiuqiu Educating Fang Shubai’s remarks once more.

Her political grades must be superb! Why hasn’t anyone seen it until now?

The crowd has already started to itch, and they are happy.

The good times keep rolling.

There is no 10 yuan given by the tea girl, and this does not stop the story from progressing all the way to the point when people laugh.

The grandpa saw Fang Shubai as a poor young man who could only wear pants with holes and donated ten yuan, which You Qiuqiu spent at the lottery store.

She gives it a go, and ten yuan turns into five thousand, and screws turn into motorbikes.

Netizen: ? ? ?


This issue fluctuates between laughter and stunningness.

The second season of Leisure Time has already gotten a lot of attention before it airs, and it will undoubtedly be a hot search when it airs.

But no one expected there to be so many!

【You Qiuqiu’s Suona】【Fang Shubai You Qiuqiu Branch Stand】【Fang Shubai Lottery Lost Principal】【You Qiuqiu Political Achievement】【You Qiuqiu Anti-Scam Tea Girl】【Ten yuan becomes five thousand】…

The Leisure Time program group hired the hot search, and it was all over the place.

This time, black fans did not accuse You Qiuqiu of wasting money on hot searches.

Because, as we all know, You Qiuqiu’s poor group is involved in five insurances and one housing fund and is managed by a black-hearted boss.

After all, she really has capital and will shout on the show that there is no filming job. Who asks her to offer a 99% discount?

The most debated point among netizens is You Qiuqiu political grads. The anti-fraud tea girl took 10 yuan and turned it into five thousand.

“I was really taken aback after watching the show. Is there actually anti-fraud? Are you sure it’s not the effect of the show? My friends and I are going to laugh!”

“I respectfully request You Qiuqiu’s political grads as Ms. You, an enthusiastic citizen, was previously discussed by everyone. Why haven’t the all-powerful netizens discovered You Qiuqiu’s political grads yet? “

“What does inside You Qiuqiu’s small head look like, and why do you say that?”


The gambler’s mentality is unacceptable, and wealth is all gone.

Surf the web with caution and beware of online scams.


Still making up rhymes?

Bizarre rhymes.

“Don’t say anything; I’ve already forwarded You Qiuqiu’s tweet and gone downstairs to get a lottery ticket.

More netizens have serious ideas, and they want to win the lottery in order to become wealthy.

Before You Qiuqiu’s Weibo fans reached 500,000 lottery draws, her own stuff was dug out, so they retweeted them one by one before going downstairs to buy lottery tickets.

The official V of Leisure Time answered when people asked if the anti-fraud tea girl was real.

Government V recorded the reporting procedure in great detail, including images.

And the liar who sells tea has been apprehended.

How can this be arranged if it is a script arrangement?

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