I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.4

How can this be arranged if it is a script arrangement?

It is true!

There have been reports from the police in the area. They praised the show’s producers and thanked them for their hard work.

The program team suggested that this be done, and it is not their credit that You Qiuqiu found it.

A staff member came out to share the follow-up with the life trumpet.

“I work on the program team that talks with the police. The group is not small and has already robbed many people’s money, many of whom are not particularly rich… The tea girl who was chatting with You Qiuqiu was the most funny. She even sobbed when she found out she had been cheated on. There are a lot of scammers on the internet.”

Netizens directly capitalized and bolded this text.

You Qiuqiu was there to warn everyone about internet fraudsters, and the tea girl was captured sobbing and talking about how many scammers there were online.

 Ha ha ha ha.

This is still a very pleasing subject, and the scammers will be punished following the law.

And You Qiuqiu’s political grads exceeded expectations and were picked up.

Someone had previously asked You Qiuqiu this question at the airport, and You Qiuqiu replied that she couldn’t recall it well, but it was fine.

Everyone saw that You Qiuqiu was a little more reserved.

You Qiuqiu received 95 points out of a possible 100 on the political test paper.

This is clearly a high standard!

You Qiuqiu in a school uniform is the picture of a high school flower. Then this lovely high school flower is full of great truths, and it is not enough to open her mouth. The key is to follow You Qiuqiu’s political grads, and at You Qiuqiu High School, a student representative presented a speech.

The difference is not small.

Was that how it was when I was a student?

They felt like they were chatting with an old man with a really optimistic view after seeing the face they were ready to fall in love with and listening to these speeches.

 However, the above two are still not as good as the news that came out later.

“Everyone, don’t repost You Qiuqiu’s lottery tickets; instead, go see You Qiuqiu buy lottery tickets after she loses blood! Hahaha”

They have no idea what occurred, but let’s go!

Because You Qiuqiu won 5,000 yuan from ten yuan on the show, everyone retweeted the tweet and then proceeded to buy lottery tickets.

Then passers-by took photos and uploaded them on social media.

The previous photo shows You Qiuqiu entering the lottery store, while the following one shows You Qiuqiu walking away sullenly.

This bystander is also skilled, and the text accompanying the first photo reads, “The gambler’s mentality is unacceptable.” The latter is “Wealth is all gone and both hands are empty,” When combined with You Qiuqiu’s wistful grin as she reached the goal and a dejected, tearful expression as she exited, it can be described as highly realistic.

Netizens believe these words are strangely familiar…

Isn’t it familiar?

Isn’t this what You Qiuqiu advised Fang Shubai?

They weren’t expecting it to be on her right now.

They had a very subtle sensation of delight.

It turns out that You Qiuqiu purchased a lottery ticket after watching the show.

The Lucky Emperor is not lucky at any time or place. Previously, several people speculated after seeing the show that because You Qiuqiu was so lucky, they could just buy lottery tickets and become wealthy.

You Qiuqiu is now telling everyone by practical actions that the Lucky Emperor will also miss, and the gambler’s attitude is unacceptable.

Xingqiu maintained their expression: What kind of big baby is Qiu Cub?

 You Qiuqiu knew that her lottery ticket purchase had been discovered.


Why does she keep running into such awkward situations by chance?

It’s okay. They just found out. It doesn’t seem like a huge problem, just a bit embarrassed. I’m sorry, she’s embarrassing herself again.

Then, You Qiuqiu got a phone call.

The relevant departments want You Qiuqiu to film a promotional video to prevent everyone from gambling.

The girl who spoke to You Qiuqiu was quite kind. Because the call was made by inquiring people, she went straight to You Qiuqiu rather than through You Qiuqiu’s company.

Jiang Tao was the one closest to You Qiuqiu. She had heard that You Qiuqiu was communicating with the other side and was confident that she was not lying. Jiang Tao was so ecstatic that she promised to show her id over there as well.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote public awareness!

Jiang Tao’s face flushed with excitement, and she grasped You Qiuqiu’s wrist until the red mark appeared because she was too thrilled.

 You Qiuqiu sucked in a breath of cold air. It hurt.

She was also amazed that such an occasion would not be wasted and that it was appropriate for an artist to spread positive energy.

You Qiuqiu, on the other hand, questioned softly, “Is it because of what I said on the show?”

There was a little pause. “It’s not all… Didn’t you buy a lottery ticket and lose it later?”

You Qiuqiu, “…” Emotionally said she took this as a negative case.

It’s not a big problem, and that’s not the point.

“Can we do it now?”

“It doesn’t seem to be suitable now.”

While recording a video, it’s best to finish it as soon as possible; it’s not difficult, but You Qiuqiu still believes it’ll take a long time and drags it out.

The other person was highly enthusiastic and asked, “Is it because of work?”

You Qiuqiu, “Not yet.”

She took a quick peek around; it wasn’t her turn to play yet.


You Qiuqiu: “Right now, my style is not very appropriate.”

“What style?”

You Qiuqiu, “… a female ghost.”

She took a look at herself. The student’s outfit was torn, and the bow was twisted. The important thing was that it was covered in a big pool of ‘plasma.’ Oh, and she had a fake knife stabbed in her heart.

More specifically, she is still a messy and dirty female ghost.

She seems unable to record good energy videos with this image.

This is not suitable.

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