The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 58.1



The cubs’ voices were heard one after the other.

Now that they’ve officially entered winter vacation, Xu Qiu doesn’t have to teach the cubs, but she still manages their three meals a day and eats with them.

When it was time to eat, the cubs were surprised to see that Xu Qiu had vanished.

However, Xu Qiu did not appear and did not respond.

“Are you in there, principal?” Jin Xingxing knocked on Xu Qiu’s bedroom door.

She pressed her ear to Xu Qiu’s door after she finished speaking, attempting to hear movement in the room.

After a while, she shook her head: “There is no one here.”

Jin Xingxing took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go to the teacher’s office first.”

The doors were open, and Xu Qiu had turned the previous kindergarten dormitories into a teacher’s office.

The robot removed the original dormitory’s bed, and the big fox had even unlocked the cupboards that couldn’t hold people to inspect them.

Her face was quite awful after she had searched.

Having a cub around reminded her of Bai Sa and Lily’s last absence.

“Bai Sa, Lily, where did you hide previously? Did the principal hide there as well?”

The two cubs led a mighty team to the little location where Xu Qiu had previously discovered them.

However, the results were once again disappointing for all the cubs.

The little attic is deserted, with the chilly wind blowing from outside.

“The principal isn’t present.”

They searched everywhere, but no one else entered the kindergarten and kidnapped Xu Qiu. The principal had most likely gone out by herself.

“Did the principal not want us after the winter vacation?” Mu Zhi said timidly.

It’s sufficient for them to have weekends, and it’s not difficult for them to do when they usually study.

Although sitting in the classroom for class after a long time will be uncomfortable, and they will have to rack their brains to do homework, the villain who doesn’t want to go to class will be hit by the villain who wants to go to class in the cubs’ thoughts.

But, for the most part, everyone is still highly pleased, and there are a few cubs with good grades. They value the chance to gain knowledge.

“It would be better if there were no winter vacation,” the cubs said, their eyes becoming bright crimson.

You Yu’s mind is the most delicate and sensitive. While she is extremely contagious, she is also highly impacted by other people’s emotions while she is young: “Is it possible that the principal is like the former researchers who went and never returned?”

“Could it be because the two of us performed so poorly on the exam? We will surely put in more effort the next time.”

The two young bats’ dark faces were filled with melancholy looks.

Many cubs had tears in their eyes due to You Yu’s empathy.

Qing Sha’s face flushed uncontrollably, and he sobbed uncontrollably: “It’s impossible since the principal loves me; how could she not want us? Even if she isn’t attracted to you, she will undoubtedly be attracted to me.”

The Little Fox. “What nonsense are you talking about? I think the principal loves me more,” Lily said.

“I feel the principal likes me more,” Zhu Niang said hesitantly.

Several cubs fought over the fact that the principal prefers themself.

Bai Sa was also saddened at first, but thanks to this loud question, he restored his sanity and kept calm. “The tea in the principal’s office is still not finished, and she would not leave us alone. Perhaps something bad happened to the principal.”

“Yes, the principal mentioned that we will create a library in the kindergarten over the holidays,” You Yu said while wiping away her tears.

“Yes, the principal said we’d eat hot pot together for two days.”

“She also mentioned that a lot more trees needed to be planted.”

“That’s correct. I got the claw coins earlier, and the principal mentioned this stuff may be useful later.”

The few cubs whispered a few words to reassure themselves that Xu Qiu would never abandon them.

It would appear to be a bit awkward. It had been too much for them to think about the principal previously.

“So, what should we do next? Where can we find the principal?”

In the kindergarten, a group of cubs looked at another adult.

Jin Xingxing: “It’s possible that the principal is not feeling well and has been locked in her room. Otherwise, everyone should try first to open the door.”

“Then we’ll go smash the door.”

Some cubs ran to the door like cannonballs and knocked on it, but the big fox stopped them quickly.

“If the principal falls behind the door, it would be horrible if we hit her and injure her,” Jin Xingxing reasoned.

“You find a way to find a hole in the door first, and then let the smaller cub go first to inspect the situation, and if she is locked inside, we will open the door,” she suggested to the team.

“I’ll do it.”

This time, Hua Lan took the initiative to attack, and he placed his vine on the door, then secreted a corrosive liquid, causing the original metal door to crackle and a small hole to melt quickly.

“I’ll go in there and have a look!” Qing Sha climbed up the door and then stepped into the entry when there was a small entrance.

He slipped in and entered. He was resting on the door’s mouth, looking around but not seeing Xu Qiu’s figure. The small green snake unlocked the anti-locking device with a click and opened the door.

“The principal isn’t at the door, so everyone comes in to look for her.”

His might alone is still enough. If Xu Qiu collapses, it will be more effective for everyone to work together to help.

“The headmaster!”

A swarm of cubs crowded in, unlocked the cupboard, went into the bathroom, pierced the bottom of the bed, and pulled the curtains and drawers.

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