The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 58.2

The result was disastrous: Xu Qiu inexplicably vanished.

The cub, who was overjoyed yet fluttering, grew frustrated: “Is it possible that the principal truly does not want us? Woohoo…”

Because there is no principal in this area, where will the principal go?

“There’s another location we haven’t looked at yet.”

 Jin Xingxing suddenly slapped her forehead: “I haven’t looked for her at the clinic.”

“The door is now shut, but she may be stuck inside.”

The sound insulation is fairly good, so this is not an impossible scenario.

“What exactly are you waiting for? Let’s go look for the principal!”

The cubs were in a big trouble by the time they came to the door.

The key to the door was in Xu Qiu’s hands, but she wasn’t here, and the heavy metal plate covered the ground, making the cubs unable to open the basement door.

Bai Sa said, “Let’s melt the door out of the hole the same way we did previously. If it’s a big deal, fix the door.”

“Everyone, move out of the way and make room for me.”

Hua Lan climbed to the door, spitting corrosive liquid as he had done previously.

As a result, the corrosive liquid flowed sideways along with the door panels.

 “Get out of the way, don’t get poured on by this liquid.”

The black mucus fell into the ground along the metal’s edge and soon scorched the earth, emitting a flash of smoke and emitting an awful odor.

On the other hand, the other cubs seemed unconcerned by the foul odor.

“Let’s give it a shot.”

They use claws and flames, while the cubs’ talents are rendered useless by the metal plate.

“This metal matches what’s on our necks.”

Of course, the people at the institution have some way of defending themselves against the cubs’ attacks; otherwise, they would have been killed by these cubs from the start.

“Then what do we do?”

The cubs were going crazy.

The sky was darkening, and the lights of the kindergarten were turning on, softening and warming this tiny space.

There is a roaring cold wind outside the kindergarten, and inside, there are only two universes.

Previously, when there was no Xu Qiu, the cubs remained in the dormitory and thought that things were not going well. The arrival of Xu Qiu transformed the kindergarten into what it is now.

When the cubs realized that Xu Qiu may be imprisoned below, they were terrified. The undergrowth is a dangerous place, and the cubs were worried to death.

“It’s been a long time, and the principal must be starving.”

Xu Qiu’s scented tea and some crackers are all placed in the classroom, and some snacks are also available in the bedroom.

Only the unkempt basement has no food, although there is water and power, and drinking water is not enough to fill the stomach.

Except for Hua Lan, all the cubs need food. When Xu Qiu did not appear, everyone became thirsty and hungry.

This will bring up memories of the previous days, and the cubs will be frightened to death.

Qing Sha said, “I will stay here today and not leave!”

“I must save the principal!” he said emphatically.

“We have to remain, too!” said the other cubs.

“I won’t let you be a hero by yourself,” Yuan Jiu said.

Jin Xingxing was also deeply affected by these cubs: “Let’s think of other ways together and see how we can unlock this door.”

A group of cubs and an adult began to strategize.

“Or let’s dig out this door,” the Little Green Snake suggested.

“What a brilliant idea!”

“This metal plate is buried underneath; we pull it out and then push it aside; the identical material can’t be underneath.”

You Yu stated: “Thermal expansion and cold contraction are two more options. According to the concept, severe cold and intense heat will generate tremendous power.”

All they had to do was pry the door open and let the other cubs press in.

The two brothers Ding Ding Dong Dong can squeeze their bodies extremely thinly, but Hua Lan’s entire body cannot go down, yet one of his vines can find a way through.

Xu Qiu, who was staying in the basement at the time, was fascinated by the spectacle in front of her.

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