The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 59.1

This underground research institution’s database was positioned where Xu Qiu stood.

The database, like her memories, has a 4D design, and the whole ceiling is circular.

The powerful, sleeping AI began to operate automatically once she entered.

She was startled and was about to leave, subconsciously. However, after the scanning, the AI elf spoke in a pleasant and melodious voice: the purity of genetic testing is greater than 90%, the priority is SSS, and the database is all available to you.

On this emotionless AI, the good and evil value recognized by 008 is displayed as 0, and then the 0 begins to soar swiftly. The pure white backdrop transforms into a pink of 90 favorability.

Although using Star Net is quite convenient, it requires a lot of mental energy.

After all, the system 008 that she is accompanied by is merely an infrastructure or farming game with a very limited inventory.

It was rare to come across so many books and resources that were specifically tailored to her needs. Xu Qiu picked one up and was instantly drawn to it.

Because this data only contains information on kindergarten cubs.

Perhaps the key to unlocking the cubs’ collar can be found in this book.

Xu Qiu stayed to read the book with this in mind.

She had been standing there for nearly an hour without realizing it.

Xu Qiu’s feet were numb as she recovered her senses.

The reason why this place had no unpleasant smell and no dust might be because of the excellent airtightness.

In any case, if it becomes dusty, it can be cleaned. Xu Qiu seems unconcerned. She simply sits on the ground, resting and rubbing her legs for a while.

She was still thinking that, after a while, the cubs were almost ready to eat, and she needed to go out.

The sky above her began to shift in form at this point.

Xu Qiu appeared to be in the huge universe, where she saw the blue star she had formerly resided in.

Xu Qiu’s hometown was three thousand years away from the star.

She’d never felt so far away from home, yet the blue planet on the curtain appeared so close.

Because Xu Qiu was very interested in the subject, this location began to display the development of human beings. She was also concerned that she would not be able to see after the demonstration, so she sat on the ground and gazed up with her neck up.

When people watch a really thrilling movie, they frequently become engrossed in it and lose track of time.

Xu Qiu had to read the book’s pages by herself, yet this method of viewing was absolutely unnecessary.

During this time, the previously open door was blocked due to the activation of the AI.

Xu Qiu had no idea she was stuck here at this very moment.

The cubs ultimately made it across a difficult gap after innumerable efforts.

And it was at this point when 008, who had been silent the entire time, made a noise.

[Those cubs are looking for you crazily!]

 Xu Qiu looked at the watch in her hand and said, good guy, she has been in for almost seven to eight hours.

It’s nine o’clock in the evening and it’s dark outside, so they usually eat fairly early.

Xu Qiu walked away from the breathtakingly lovely AI elf.

She blamed herself for being so preoccupied with her reading that she didn’t know when she was hungry.

The door unexpectedly opened from the inside just as the cubs were ready to open it.

A group of cubs lying on edge did not pay attention and fell straight down.

Even though this group of cubs is very skilled, Xu Qiu noticed the situation and instinctively took three and two steps forward, went to the front, and reached out to pick them up.

A cat landed in her arms, a little green snake curled around her hand, and the Mu Zhi landed on Xu Qiu’s head.

Mu Zhi’s physique is special, as she fell, she was held up by an unseen film and then tossed away.

Mu Zhi’s physique is light, and she does not run fast. The light body allows her to move swiftly through the spider web, and it also allows her to migrate to another location in the strong wind.

“Principal, principal, principal…”

With delighted looks on their faces, the cubs approached Xu Qiu.

It’s only been a few hours since they last saw Xu Qiu, but it feels like a decade.

The cubs gathered around Xu Qiu, and she cradled one in her arms, wrapped around her arms while Hua Lan took her own vines and gently wrapped them around Xu Qiu’s legs as if he was frightened that her feet might grow wings and fly away.

Xu Qiu rushed over to them, scratched their chins, and rubbed their heads.

“What’s the matter?”

“We’ve been looking for you and haven’t found you, and you can’t even call us out. I thought you were going to abandon us and no longer want us.”

Perhaps it was because she was too

 of tenderness for her. eager, and You Yu’s voice had a bit of a cry to it.

It sounds pitiful, and it may arouse feelings

“That’s right, principal; please don’t abandon us; we will be obedient and do our best to achieve good grades.”

Perhaps it’s because You Yu’s weight is insufficient, and the other cubs are also talking about adding some value they can guarantee.

Xu Qiu couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry, and she had no intention of leaving. It appeared to be a farewell.

“Okay, I’m not going anywhere. If I really want to go, I need to leave when you guys graduate from kindergarten.”

Xu Qiu missed her world even more after seeing what she saw in the skies. In this world, there are cubs and existences that make her nostalgic.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu sees her as similar to the migrant labourers who go out and struggle. Fallen leaves return to their roots, and in their bones, they must return to their hometown and relatives.

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