The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 59.2

When the cubs are old enough, they will leave to build their own little homes, and she will have her own.

The cubs did not announce that they would not quit living in kindergarten this time. After all, no matter who wanted to leave this place and see the world, the one person they could depend on was Xu Qiu.

“Then you can come with us, principal; there are a lot of good things on our planet.”

Lily the fox added: “My mother said she was very rich, and she even purchased a large mansion in her hometown. You can cultivate a variety of lovely flowers and plants, as well as buy many delicious foods. So, if you like kittens and puppies, she’ll get them for you, principal, and you’ll live with us when the time comes.”

Jin Xingxing, who was following, heard this and had an indescribable emotion that her daughter was truly cute and silly, and she envied Xu Qiu’s popularity among the cubs.

Xu Qiu laughed incoherently: “That is not possible. Your mother’s money is your mother’s money, and that is your home.”

She wasn’t that blatant that she went to rub other people’s places and asked Jin Xingxing to raise her.

It’s never pleasant to be under someone else’s authority. This kindergarten is perfect for Xu Qiu if you see it this way. After all, those individuals abandoned the kindergarten, and the industry today carries her name.

“If you don’t want to listen to Lily, Lily can be known as presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers1. Lily is petty. When we grow up, we can buy a big house for the principal with our own money.”

Ding Ding Dong Dong, the two brothers, stated: “Actually, the two of us are quite rich, but the money was taken from us by others. We will invite the principal to our residence there once we regain it.”

“The principal will not accompany you; the principal wants to accompany me.”

These cubs bickered once again, and the chattering hurt the heads of those around them.

“Well, okay, if that day comes, you will all strive hard to live a nice life. I’ll be there for two days as a guest.”

Cubs are the loveliest creatures in the world, but as they get older, they may become grownups who they find repulsive, but that is all in the future.

Perhaps on that day, these cubs will feel that she, the kindergarten principal who witnessed their terrible past, is not liked at all, and it is possible for her to disappear.

Xu Qiu still has faith in the cubs she has taught, but she will never bet on humanity.

However, Xu Qiu should not pour cold water on the cubs at this time.

After all, at this point, these cubs’ every word came from their own hearts.

Qing Sha, who is far from pure and unpretentious, is once again coquettish and cheap.

“I’m not like you; I’m just going to stay here with the principal.”

Qing Sha has no idea who his parents are. This is the location of the sluggish yellow sand. It is really quite suited for the sand-type Qing Sha living here.

There is no existence he loves in the outside world, so why doesn’t he stay with the principal?

“If I find my family, I’ll bring them here with me, just like Teacher Jin.”

Migration is mentioned in the books they’ve read. Many animals will stay in their own homes until they can find a better environment. A location from which to travel a great distance to another area to reside.

This sandy location is ideal for a new home.

“At that time, I will let them come here to build a new house,” Qing Sha said proudly. The other cubs gasped as soon as Qing Sha stated this since this idea is simply too brilliant!

The cubs admired Qing Sha, saying, “Qing Sha, you are clever!”

The little fox Lily was annoyed, and she grabbed her mother’s skirt, saying, “Or we’ll build a house here.”

Mu Zhi also murmured softly at this point: “I’d want to stay as well. I came here to follow the principle, and I believe this place is fantastic.”

Her remarks were sincere; Mu Zhi is destined to have no family relationships. She is extremely young, and the person who most impressed her was Xu Qiu.

Mu Zhi considers the home of Xu Qiu to be her home. If she has grown and become an adult, she is resolute about remaining in this home.

“Okay, okay.”

The sound of the stomach churning and the drumming broke the tense mood at this point.

Xu Qiu mentioned: “Because it’s so late, let’s go to supper first. I think there are some snacks available. Take them out first to fill your tummy, and then wash your hands before eating.”

A group of cubs surrounded Xu Qiu and were about to go out. At this point, a sweet-sounding, really charming voice emerged.

“Are you going to abandon me, Master?”

The cubs turned to face the source of the voice. They took a glance at the projection, then at Xu Qiu.

This time, the cubs fixed their gaze on Xu Qiu and wrote the following huge characters: Womanizer principal! Who did the principal provoke outside?! Is ten cubs not enough?

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  1.   presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers (idiom); fig. to win favor or influence using sb else’s property

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