The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 60.1

The figure that came behind Xu Qiu was none other than the AI elf who had been guiding her to stay in the database area.

At first, the other party had only a voice, but it has since evolved into a charming look.

When Xu Qiu observed the other party, she couldn’t help but take a cold breath. Her palms were itchily itching. She wants to hurry over and embrace the other party, then bury her face in it and suck hard on that fluffy body.

Because this is a very adorable animal, it has predominantly white hair and black ears, and it is a panda that can only be seen in black and white photos.

That chubby figure was trembling in the air like fluff.

Most of the panda hair in the videos shared by the childcare staff is yellow, giving it a dirty appearance.

After all, if a real panda jumps up and down and crawls about on the ground, it will undoubtedly become dirty.

But the one in front of her has exceptionally white and clean hair that makes people feel very comfortable to look at, and she wants to stroke it with her own hands.

Sucking a cat is an addictive habit, but it is especially attractive to her.

Raising a cat is simple, but raising a panda is difficult.

Not to add that this is not a giant panda, but a little panda that appears very fragile.

The big panda towered above Xu Qiu, and the one in front of her was roughly the size of the little fox. It was Bai Sa’s size when he became a three-year-old boy in terms of size.

The other cubs grew even more furious when they saw Xu Qiu’s face.

As a result, the crisis was felt by all the cubs because of its abrupt arrival.

They also rejected Jin Xingxing when she first appeared, but Jin Xingxing was an adult first and foremost and a big fox and Lily’s biological mother.

In this case, Jin Xingxing was unable to take away any more favors from the cubs.

On the contrary, now that she is an adult, she should invest more affection in the cubs.

But this new, small one quickly drew Xu Qiu’s whole attention.

The principal has already offered to take them out for supper, but there are roots underfoot.

Someone looked at Hua Lan, this sluggish vine with an innocent face: “Why are you glaring at him? He didn’t let Xu Qiu take root beneath her feet.

Furthermore, as a plant, he may take root and walk on the earth.

The plant’s nerves are not as sensitive as the cubs’, yet it is also the most Buddhist in the kindergarten.

In any case, this new one isn’t a plant, there’s no way to replace him, and it won’t be able to overthrow the only plant in the kindergarten.

When this AI elf first appeared, it resembled the elves in fairy tales, with pointed ears and lovely invisible wings, a beautiful girl who would make all men feel the heartbeat.

But Xu Qiu is not a man, and this shape looks to her like a CG scene from an anime.

She is also known to be uninterested in real-world computer graphics.

The AI elf doesn’t have a fixed shape. It can change into a pure and lovely girl, a lively teen, a beautiful young woman, or an old man who looks very old.

The AI wizard can mimic the matching form of anything in this universe as long as the data is fed into its data warehouse.

After detecting Xu Qiu’s insensitivity, the AI elf immediately utilized its powers to connect to all of the kindergarten’s networks, including the six defensive and six offensive robots.

Then, in a relatively short amount of time, it gathered critical information from the pictures captured in the kindergarten during this period.

It discovers what Xu Qiu enjoys using big data analysis and then extracts key important keywords: cubs, furry, ancient culture, and Blue Star.

Of course, to be the best. This kindergarten has cats and canines, as well as plants, insects, and reptiles.

Almost all the biodiversity is represented by ten cubs.

Although cats are quite popular, it may not be able to compete with Bai Sa if it is modeled like one.

After all, Bai Sa kittens are still rare. His complexion is really stunning, and he is the sort of creature Xu Qiu likes.

The important thing to note is that Xu Qiu and Bai Sa have a close relationship. It will be hung and beaten if it adopts a biological form comparable to Bai Sa.

After all, according to its findings, many households that want to keep a second cat usually send the second cat away due to the first cat’s reluctance.

Some individuals prefer cats to dogs, while others prefer neither. It makes no difference. It seeks common ground while leaving room for diversity.

 Like a little squirrel, a hamster is a thundering point for many individuals. After all, many females dislike mice, and this cannot be a nice and harmless white mouse.

The Blue Star is obsessed with a cub creature known as a panda.

At this point, the AI elf began combining panda avatars in order to create a perfect one that would make all the Blue Star people go insane.

Unlike conventional and basic artificial intelligence, this AI has an extremely powerful computational capacity, and its data is far too vast, even for 008, making it a scary monster.

It is precisely because of its behavior that 008 went down in a short period.

For the same reason, Xu Qiu remained at the underground research site for so long, but it did not occur to Xu Qiu that her stay here had gone beyond the point of eating because of the AI’s doing.

Xu Qiu wanted to touch the panda with her hands, feet, and heart, but the cubs dragged her out. Xu Qiu turned back repeatedly, and in the end, she was half-pushed and successfully pulled out by the cubs.

“It’s all a fake, and it’s not real.”

The stupid cub was first confused and did not answer. However, at this point, they may be able to confirm the identity of the newly discovered panda.

The cubs that were smarter quickly realized that this freshly emerging individual was not a living person abandoned in the basement, but an AI that could imitate multiple existences.

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