The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 60.2

It has previously been at the research facility, and it did not have such a furry appearance at that time.

“Don’t be fooled by that guy’s looks, principal. He changed into this to deceive you. It used to be so unattractive that it didn’t even have hair!”

The other cubs agreed: “That’s right, principal; we’ve already done the examination. We’ll just seal off the underground, so don’t go down there. What kind of libraries, shopping malls aren’t they all built on the ground? We could move fields and stuff outside. There’s still so much space in the yard anyway. “

Although humans are creatures that prefer the new and despise the old, Xu Qiu has a soft spot for newcomers, but ten of them simply can not compete with that one cub.

The AI elf, on the other hand, appears to be capable of simulating the forms of countless cubs. Can it be worth tens of millions of cubs in this case? At this point, the cubs felt remorse; they should not have spoken it just now.

They were only reminding Xu Qiu in disguise and underlining the other party’s potential to change.

Xu Qiu’s face changed to a disapproving look in the following second.

“Where can there be enough space to develop new structures now that the yard is so crowded?”

Her character level is basically frozen whenever the system develops beyond kindergarten.

However, as kindergarten progresses, she may light up fewer and fewer of the moving picture books, implying that the rate of character advancement is slowing.

Even if the external structures are constructed, the cubs will be unable to enter them.

There are horizontal bars, parallel bars, playgrounds, and a small number of vegetable fields, tree gardens, ponds, simple basketball courts, and small football fields in the kindergarten yard.

Everything in this section is important. After all, there are far too few plants on this planet with yellow sand. Every live tree ought to be protected, and it is unthinkable to chop them down carelessly.

The cubs also require a lot of flat room to move about in.

As a result, these cubs had a serious discussion with Xu Qiu about the feasibility. They competed for Xu Qiu’s attention, whether purposefully or unintentionally, in order for Xu Qiu to forget about the AI elf.

“Isn’t there a dorm for us? The dormitory’s first floor can also be used for activities. I believe we can clear the playground.”

“That’s true.”

One of the cubs thought of a more extreme way: “I think the principal is right. This part of the space is actually not very big, but isn’t the place where we originally lived vacantly?”

 He followed the words: “On the metal plate, there is such a large open space that we can just build the house directly on it.”

Bai Sa, who was always rather cold on weekdays, couldn’t help but smile at this moment: Qing Sha, as expected of you!

This little green snake appears to have a highly flexible mind. It is estimated that all of its cleverness is motivated by a desire to gain favor.

The cubs were delighted since Qing Sha was on their side!

 Xu Qiu was dazed by what he said and was about to relent, but she held herself since she needed to be honest and trustworthy in front of the cubs, and once she agreed, she couldn’t just back out.

“Let’s not discuss it; let’s go eat first.”

Closing the clinic is impossible, and it is impossible in this life. The cubs will be happy when the underground mall and library are completed.

The main brain’s headquarters are located in the faraway A star. At the same time, one of its major designers, Yan Dong, got a communication from this asteroid.

On this planet, the design of split-brain AI is exactly his handwriting.

This was originally intended to help him better grasp the situation of the cubs. After all, the frail cat shared the tiniest kinship with him.

However, Yan Dong did not see Xu Qiu’s message this time.

Because of the AI elf handed over his power to Xu Qiu this time.

The creator ruthlessly abandoned it, and it found itself a new owner.

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