The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61

The assistant who was paying close attention to him felt his heart race when he saw the obvious change on the man’s usually indifferent face, and it was still not very good.
Is there something wrong with the project? Or did someone follow the instructions incorrectly?
The research institute’s equipment is all up to date, a batch was recently replaced, and the funds are also plentiful.
“It’s nothing.”
If there was a minor error in the research project he was leading, even if it was a dormant project, there was no need to inform people and it didn’t matter.
“This project has been completed well, and there is no additional work in the upcoming weeks,” Yan Dong’s eyes retracted from the message displayed. ” You can take a vacation after you finish this.”
In comparison to the previous period, his attitude was more positive. It lightened the heart of the rookie researcher, who was used to being reprimanded.
When Yan Dong’s tall and straight figure vanished from the research institute, the little assistant didn’t come back to his senses.
The older researcher waved the sorted paper documents before him, saying, “What are you looking at? Finish the work in your hand and go back to have a good year.”
“Just now D Bo is talking so well. It’s like he’s a different person,” the younger researcher exclaimed.
“When did you come?”
“Three months ago,” replied the newcomer with a cute face.
“That’s right, it was very hot three months ago, and he has a bad temper every time.”
As a senior researcher, he looked like you hit the gun with lousy luck, and he winked: “Didn’t you notice that D Bo has changed recently from before?”
“Could it be that D Bo has a lover?” the younger boy wondered.
People who fall in love become much softer. After all, the projects they’re working on now are challenging for young researchers, but they’re nothing compared to Yan Dong’s brilliant resume.
Old researcher: This kid isn’t very smart; how did he get into the research institute?
He looked around, then said quietly, “D Bo is like this. How can there be a partner? Did you not see his hair changing color? He was in a good mood when the weather was coldest, and he was in a better mood when the project was completed.”
Everyone in the institute has found a lover, but D Bo couldn’t find one with his current personality.
The newcomer immediately noticed this.
The doctor’s original grey hair was dyed the color of frost and snow, almost pure white, making him more otherworldly and unapproachable.
He is a newcomer, and every time he follows such a big player in the industry, the pressure is stressful. His status and experience are naturally limited, and he does not dare to take a close look at the doctor’s appearance.
“OK, you have to work hard,” the old senior patted the young newcomer’s shoulder. ” Although our research institute is a little more disastrous, we can still learn a lot. We may be eligible for a generous bonus during Chinese New Year.”
On Star A, there is no Chinese New Year. According to the ephemeris, January 1st was the year after they moved here.
For most planets, today is the Chinese New Year. Unless there are very important projects at the research institute, researchers and other staff usually get a few days off each year to spend time with their families.
Everyone at the research institute knows that Yan Dong is a loner. But every time this happens, Yan Dong becomes more lively.
According to the Human Observation Handbook, this is probably just stubbornness, thought the old researcher. It is necessary to give people the impression that they are living a good life for them to ignore his loneliness.
Yan Dong had no idea what his colleagues at the research institute were thinking behind their backs. When he returned to his home in his private aircraft, he immediately injected himself with an inhibitor tube.
The blue inhibitor quickly entered the bloodstream through the needle, calming some of Yan Dong’s raging impulses.
The race gene in Yan Dong’s body that does not belong to humans has a much deeper impact on him than on ordinary people because it is a highly excellent genetic product.
He has much greater jumping ability and speed than the average human, but he is also plagued by genetic defects.
When the hair is shed in early summer, it is the breeding season for Arctic rabbits.
Every day, Yan Dong’s unsatisfied body agitates him.
He has to give himself an injection almost every day to get through the more intense restlessness.
Getting an injection is not a happy thing, and getting it every day in the summer is even worse.
For this reason, in early summer, Yan Dong, who was not a friendly person, would transform into a walking gunpowder bag that would explode and ignite at the touch of a button.
He feels much better in the winter because one injection can last for several months.
Yan Dong could alleviate the physiological problems that plagued him in his teenage years, when he first began to grow, by taking a shower. Then he had to give himself medicine as he grew older.
There were no similar drugs on the market at the time that did not affect the nerves. After all, most creatures would prefer to find a temporary partner to help them get through this turbulent time.
Nobody knew Yan Dong, who had a clear all-around development talent, had abandoned the most attractive field for biotechnology. The main and most important reason was to create a no-side-effects reproductive impulse inhibitor.
Yan Dong, who had regained his usual self after taking the inhibitor, stepped into the restroom and transformed into a large snow-white rabbit with a boom.
The human form has two long legs that challenge the sky, but when he changes into animal form, his legs are appropriately shortened so that he does not appear imbalanced and discordant.
The big rabbit bent down and transformed into a snow dumpling. It was so adorable that it could melt everyone in its path.
Yan Dong examined his perfect white fur in the mirror before standing under the shower and starting to take an ice bath.
The chilly water mixed with shattered ice cubes rained from the sky, causing the thick-furred bunny to sigh contentedly.


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