The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 61.2


However, this artificially low temperature is not as genuine as the one on the land of ice and snow.
Since this holiday is pretty long, let’s head to the Land of Ice and Snow to relax.
The eighth galaxy is home to the Land of Ice and Snow. It is a planet that is coated in ice and snow all year. Since it has been established as a tourist location, the maintenance charge has compensated for the high operational expenditures, which may provide a significant amount of income to Yan Dong’s bank account each year.
However, during the winter, the realm of ice and snow is closed to guests and belongs to the planet master, Yan Dong’s vacation area.

On the Barren Star, which is located near the A Star.
There’s still roughly a month till Chinese New Year, and Xu Qiu wants to give the cubs a vibrant celebration.
Xu Qiu devised a strategy: food, clothes, housing, and transportation must all improve in the coming year.
During the winter break, she decided to create an extracurricular class and teach the cubs the paper cutting skill.
Each cub has half of the little shining scissors, and the shell of the handle includes the cubs’ markings to guarantee that they do not get mixed up.
You Yu, Mu Zhi, and Zhu Niang demonstrated their incredible abilities. They just learned from Xu Qiu once, yet they can cut it swiftly and effectively.
Their craft took over all of the kindergarten and electrical equipment once they worked out the theory of paper cutting craft.
Yuan Jiu finds it tough to use scissors to create this type of art, and he can’t stop poking holes in the red paper.
Qing Sha’s and the small bat’s creative cells are similarly awful.
Bai Sa and Lily have acceptable aesthetics, but they are very powerful, and it is easy to rip the thin paper to tears.
Even if they worked hard, they wouldn’t be able to cut it as well as the three-person paper cutting craft team.
Xu Qiu handed over the artwork to a three-person team led by You Yu, who specialized in art.
The other cubs followed Xu Qiu and Jin Xingxing to the kitchen to prepare New Year’s food.
They want to make sweet syrup, frozen rice candy, sachima and tteok, sausages, bacon, and salted fish.
Xu Qiu continues the same work for two or three days and takes a day off when she gets tired so that the cubs do not become mushrooms.
“It’s starting to get dark!”
When the cubs noticed the weather outside, Xu Qiu instantly blew the whistle: “All out, bring back the sausages hanging in the pavilion!”
Today’s weather is perfect. Otherwise, Xu Qiu wouldn’t have taken out the sausages she prepared a while ago to dry.
She was drying it in the pavilion, and it was simple to dry the moisture in the sausage when it was hot.
When Xu Qiu opened the window, a swarm of cubs raced out, expertly bringing back the hefty sausages and bacon.
A shelf was constructed on the first floor of the kindergarten. The tall ones were hung straight, while the short ones were hoisted up and delivered to Ding Ding, Dong Dong, and Yuan Jiu, who were instructed to hang them with knots in their claw.
Qing Sha climbed along the shelf to the upper floor, using the tip of his tail to clear up the tangled knots on the shelf.
The small fox and Bai Sa grabbed onto one side of the shelf by themselves to keep it from falling over due to weight imbalance.
“One, two, three…”
Xu Qiu counted the heads and shut the window just in time to keep the wind and snow in.
Snow falls on the barren star, and massive snowfalls follow one after the other, covering the golden sand and maroon rocks in a moment.
The yellow sand world that used to cause eye strain has transformed into an ice and snow one. It seems white and bright at first glance. It appears to be attractive, but the risk is greater than before.
The dust storm has passed, and the snowstorm has arrived.

The howling wind was accompanied by snow, and even the day would abruptly change to night.
The kindergartens have protective enclosures, although they are restricted to those built outside.
This was not the first snowfall that Xu Qiu had encountered.
Ice and snow shattered the exterior wall of the kindergarten’s new dormitories, creating a cracking sound.
It was quite chilly outside. The indoor fireplace was lighted early, and the roaring blaze periodically created a much gentler crackling sound, giving people a sense of extra healing.
It’s a good way for everyone to have fun while playing cards together.
But now, Xu Qiu has not made those poker cards.
After all, there are so many people, plus Jin Xingxing, they have 12 people, and a group of three also needs four decks of cards.
Jasper had told her that such cards were not available on their planet, so she tried to make them herself.
After some thought, Xu Qiu decided to create a cub-related peripheral product.
Crude products are absolutely not acceptable. Kindergarten supplies are rather expensive, and they must be high-quality goods that can be used for a long period of time.
If Xu Qiu wants high-quality products, she should grind them slowly and carefully.
Xu Qiu sat on a comfortable sofa, listening to the wind howl outside.
This type of sky, like darkness, is ideal for a group activity.
Xu Qiu’s eyes lit up: “Let’s tell ghost stories.”

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