Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 390

Chapter 390

If Xi Ying said this sentence during breakfast at the hotel, Lu Zijin would be so excited that he would pick up Xi Ying and circle the room.

He would reply, “I like you too. No, I love you!” affectionately and seriously.

But not now.

When Xi Ying said this, he had just learned that she was the mechanical girl.

It was too much for Lu Zijin to bear.

His heart is jumbled and he is struggling!

One side claims that Bing Ning has never harmed my parents despite being a mechanical girl! I shouldn’t be biassed against her!

The opposing party claims, “Didn’t you say you wanted to kill all the mechanical girls?” Why do you think it’s a fantasy just because you said it? Haven’t you been thinking for years that if you could get your revenge, you’d kill all the mechanical girls?

Have you forgotten how your parents died?

Have you forgotten how you ended up as a tramp and sleeping in a bridge hole?

Wake up! A mechanical girl is a robot, and robots have no concept of love!

Bing Ning must have told you this to survive; she is deceiving you!

Why doesn’t she tell you at breakfast just now if she likes you?

Wasn’t she teasing you when she acted like that and didn’t say anything?

When Lu Zijin did not respond for a long time, Xi Ying asked, “Lu Zijin, don’t you like me?”

Xi Ying knew his complete favorability, so how could he not like her?

Are you already in love?

But all she wanted was for Lu Zijin to admit it himself.

She desired to coerce Lu Zijin into accepting her.

Xi Ying wanted Lu Zijin to understand that a single mechanical girl was to blame, not the entire mechanical girl.

It is not entirely correct to say that the person who controls the mechanical girl and gives orders to the mechanical girl is at fault.


Can the five-year goal be easily changed?

And Xi Ying made the wrong decision.

She should not put pressure on Lu Zijin.

If she had used the same method to console Lu Zijin and inform him of the stakes, it might still be effective.

But the more she pressed Lu Zijin, the more difficult it would be for Lu Zijin to make a decision.

He might even make decisions that he later comes to regret.

“You go.” Lu Zijin said, his voice hoarse.

Because she couldn’t believe it, Xi Ying’s amber pupils shrank slightly and her tone changed: “Go?”

“Get out of here, please. Next time I see you, I won’t let you go so easily,” Lu Zijin said, not looking at Xi Ying.

Xi Ying’s eyes widened as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Do you mean you’ll kill me the next time you see me, Lu Zijin?”

Lu Zijin remained silent.

“Hahahahaha! Are you surprised, Bing Ning? Look at what kind of man you like!

Humans are a bad thing!”

Ya’er eventually evolved into a robot who despised humans.

Xi Ying, on the other hand, ignored Ya’er.

She stared at Lu Zijin, then took two steps forward, squatted beside him, leaned close to his ear, and whispered: “Lu Zijin, I know what you just said is false; you said it on purpose to Ya’er hear it, right?”

Check to see if I’m very good, and I’m very good at acting with you.

Okay, I’ll return to the hotel and wait for you. Come back to me after you’ve dealt with the situation here.”

Xi Ying said it’s still a lighthearted tone and a clever expression.

But right now, when it falls into Lu Zijin’s ears and eyes, it is heartbreaking.

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