Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 391

Chapter 391

He couldn’t understand why Bing Ning was a mechanical girl.

Why is it the mechanical girl? !

Xi Ying remained squat, waiting for Lu Zijin to say “Okay.”

However, she only waited for a sentence –

“Go away.”

The indifferent word shattered her smile.

Xi Ying was hurt by these words, even though she knew in her heart that Lu Zijin’s favouritism for her was still 100%.

Her lover…

When did her lover become so cruel to her?

When did his heart turn so cold?

Lu Zijin is…

How could you treat me in this manner?

Xi Ying stood up with an expressionless face, cast a final glance at Lu Zijin, and turned to leave.

She walked openly and cleanly.

A picture like this fell into Lu Zijin’s eyes like a thorn that couldn’t be pulled out.

They were crushing agony.

He stared deeply at Xi Ying’s back, with no tears in his eyes, and blood dripped from his heart.

Bing Ning.

I’ve never had you, but I feel like I’ve lost you thousands of times.


Xi Ying went to see Fang Jingchen at the hospital.

Fang Jingchen’s favorability toward her increased by 100 percent as a result of her few words of inquisitiveness.

It’s just that Xi Ying isn’t in the mood right now to dig out his heart.

And because the robot revolution has not yet been guided, she cannot give up her identity as a mechanical girl.

Otherwise, other robots will be suspicious.

It’s just that Lu Zijin’s attitude toward her annoyed her.

Is it possible that Lu Zijin despises all mechanical girls? Is there no way out?

Could it be that she and her lover aren’t allowed to be together on this plane?

[Host, don’t be too downhearted. Lu Zijin has had this idea for five years, and even though he has been willing to fall for the past five years, it is clear that he has a lot of hate in his heart.

It doesn’t matter if he can’t change his mind for a while; you can fly for a lifetime; don’t you think Lu Zijin can be stubborn for a lifetime?]

Xiao Yiyi’s words struck Xi Ying with an epiphany.

She thought of herself.

What qualifications does she have to speak about Lu Zijin?

Isn’t Lu Zijin just another her?

Didn’t she despise people all over the world because her parents were murdered, so she wanted to destroy the entire world?

Xi Ying fell silent.

She began to consider this from Lu Zijin’s point of view once more.

Finally, she concluded –

Lu Zijin was correct.

He was correct in his hatred for all mechanical girls, including her.

It makes no difference.

She will exchange hearts with Fang Jingchen after she leads the robot revolution.

She can become human in this way.

She would no longer be a mechanical girl in this way.

She can be with Lu Zijin in this way.

Xi Ying rose from the ward bench and gazed out the window into the distance.

Lu Zijin, you wait for me; once I become a human, we will be reunited.


Fang Jingchen just had a fever. The fever subsided after a day in the hospital, so he went home and returned to work as usual.

And Xi Ying used the daytime to find robots throughout N City, then spread out from N City to find robots in other cities.

She drove the idea of these robots to success with a bit of temptation.

The robots’ thoughts are passed on one by one.

Soon, robots all over the world were silently cooperating.

Xi Ying’s plan for them is as clear as the one she gave Ya’er.

Criminals in prison and well-known villains are the targets.

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