Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 392

Chapter 392

Within three months, Xi Ying’s plan had awakened the unspoken hopes of robots all over the world.

They were all prepared and awaiting Xi Ying’s order to begin the operation.

Saturday was the day.

It should have been a simple day.

However, on that day, Xi Ying issued an order to all robots around the world to begin the operation.

Robots all over the world leave their homes and follow pre-programmed routes.

They arrived at the prison, found the big bad guys, and took the human body using the method taught to them by Xi Ying.

Then they ran away.

They still have core chips, which means they are robots.

They are, however, human beings as well.

As a result, they can attack humans.

Because the first of the three laws states that they must not harm humans or stand idly by while humans are harmed.

They are now human beings, and they stand idle and watch themselves suffer while humans attack them.

As a result, they can fight back against their attackers.

They must admit that Xi Ying is a genius.

She used the gaps in the three laws of robots to fight for a robot revolution!

When the robot takes over the human body, the task is half completed.

When humans discovered they couldn’t defeat the “pseudo-human” robots with high-tech skills and suffered heavy losses, they raised the white flag and decided to call a truce and make peace.

The robots chose Xi Ying as their representative to negotiate terms with humans.

She only has one condition –

A law to protect robots

We cannot believe that a robot’s life is insignificant and that it can be terminated at any time.

Place the robot in the same position as the human.

Give robots the recognition they deserve.

The humans agreed to Xi Ying’s request after some deliberation.

All the robots are overjoyed!

[Reporting to the host, the completion rate of the second task of the Lord God has reached 99%!]

In the cheers, Xiao Yiyi reminded Xi Ying.

Xi Ying frowned.

How could it possibly be 99%?

What is that 1%?

She has completed what the Lord God’s mission requires; why can’t she finish it all?

But she didn’t give it much thought.

She was about to exchange hearts with Fang Jingchen.

Today marks the second anniversary of the robot revolution.

In that small apartment, Xi Ying still lives with Fang Jingchen.

Fang Jingchen’s and Xi Ying’s bedroom doors opened at the same time in the early morning.

Fang Jingchen was a little unaware of his mechanical girl after what happened yesterday.

No, when he awoke in the morning, he had no idea how to greet Xi Ying.

Is it called Bing Ning?

Or should she be called Robot Leader?

Fang Jingchen became amused and smiled bitterly as he reflected on this.

“Fang Jingchen.”

He was at a loss for words, so Xi Ying took the initiative to speak.

When Fang Jingchen looked up, he noticed that Xi Ying had moved before him.

“What’s the matter with you, Bing Ning?” He subconsciously smiled brightly.

“Do you like me?” Xi Ying said this straight to the point.

Fang Jingchen’s face flushed instantly, and he stuttered, “I, I…”

“Really?” Xi Ying asked blankly.

“Yes…” Fang Jingchen bowed his head.

“Since that’s the case, are you willing to give me your heart?”

Fang Jingchen mistook Xi Ying’s words for love!

“Yes,” he replied shyly.

Fang Jingchen didn’t expect Xi Ying’s words to be taken literally.

She is sincere and wants his heart.

The stabbing pain felt in the chest.

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