Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 393

Chapter 393

Fang Jingchen lowered his gaze and saw Xi Ying’s hand go into his heart with his own eyes while her other hand plunged into her own heart at the same time.


It sounded like something was being dug up.

Xi Ying’s two hands, the left was representing the mechanical heart and the right representing the hot human heart.

She traded medical products with Xiao Yiyi to ensure Fang Jingchen’s survival.

One is to save time, and the other is to avoid alerting the hospital about such an unprecedented event.

Xi Ying implanted the mechanical heart in Fang Jingchen’s heart, then implanted his heart in her body.

“This is your debt to me.” Xi Ying said coldly while knocking Fang Jingchen unconscious.

Fang Jingchen’s heart wound healed at an astonishing rate.

It was as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Xi Ying imprinted something in Fang Jingchen’s mind.

It is the end of the last life of Bing Ning.

This is not to reveal the Lord God’s space because she simply placed these items in Fang Jingchen’s dream.

And because Xi Ying had this human heart, the blood in her whole body started to boil.

She is a real person.

She can finally find Lu Zijin!

[Host, your 10,000 points are worth it!]

Medical supplies cost 10,000 points.

Xi Ying was not in the mood for a conversation with Xiao Yiyi. She was in a good mood at the time and couldn’t wait to fly to Lu Zijin.

Xi Ying identified Lu Zijin’s location after letting Xiao Yiyi hang up again.

But he was on Yunhe Road for some reason.

The night is lovely, and the sky is filled with stars.

The river wind is howling. It’s late autumn, and winter is on its way.

It was a little chilly because the wind was blowing on the person.

Lu Zijin turned away from Xi Ying, his gaze fixed on the endless river.

“Lu Zijin.” Xi Ying called him softly.

Lu Zijin’s body visibly froze before slowly turning around.

“Bing Ning…” He murmured.

He didn’t seem to expect Bing Ning to show up, but it seemed to be expected.

“It’s me.” Xi Ying walked towards him, slightly raising the corner of her mouth.

Lu Zijin seemed to recall something, turned away, and said sternly, “Didn’t I tell you not to let me see you again?”

“But I’m here. What can you do to me?” Xi Ying grimaced at Lu Zijin.

Lu Zijin: …

Bing Ning led a robot revolution that shocked the world three months ago.

He expected Bing Ning to change.

However, Bing Ning did not change at all.

Bing Ning is simple, kind, and lovely.

Lu Zijin had a lot of thoughts over the last three months as well.

He figured it out in the end.

He figured it out after those people came to him.

He likes Bing Ning.

Whether Bing Ning is a mechanical girl or a human, he likes it all.

Just Bing Ning is fine.

So he’ll be ready tonight.

Be prepared to be the enemy of those people and even the enemy of the entire world.

He didn’t want to lose Bing Ning once more.

He is crazy about Bing Ning.

He wishes to protect Bing Ning.

So, when Xi Ying approached, he stretched out his arms and hugged her.

“Lu Zijin?” Xi Ying was a little taken aback.

She hasn’t said anything yet, hasn’t told Lu Zijin that she has transformed into a human, a flesh-and-blood human.

Why is Lu Zijin so active?

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