Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 394

Chapter 394

Could it be that he figured it out in three months?

“Bing Ning, I love you.”

Lu Zijin whispered sweetly in Xi Ying’s ear.

Xi Ying felt a pain in her abdomen before she could react.

She grimaced and looked down.

But then she heard Lu Zijin say something else: “Pretend to be weak, Bing Ning! Thousands of people are watching us from a distance! They asked me to kill you! The virus code I stole is designed for pseudo-human robots and is therefore useless to a mechanical girl!”

In the meantime——

[Reporting to the host, the Lord God’s second task has been completed.]

[What the hell?……what does this even mean? Is the mission completed when you die? The Lord God wishes for you to suffer and die?!]

Xi Ying burst out laughing.

Maybe this is how life is.

Lu Zijin’s heart raced when he saw Xi Ying smile.

Could it be that Bing Ning laughed angrily after stabbing her?

It doesn’t appear to be…

Xi Ying’s body fell limply before Lu Zijin could say anything.

She didn’t have time to tell Lu Zijin that she had evolved into a human.

Even though she has evolved into a human, she still has a core chip.

Her core chip is still in her head, that’s all.

Xi Ying has an extra life compared to those pseudo-human robots that put core chips into human mouths and eat them into their stomachs.

If she were shot in the heart, the core chip in her brain would allow her to recreate her life as a mechanical girl.

Aside from that, she’s no different from a humanoid robot.

Her blood also serves as a vehicle for the virus’s spread.

To put it another way,

Her body has been poisoned.

She will die naturally and painlessly in three days.

And Lu Zijin was full of joy.

The people who had been hiding nearby rushed out and surrounded Xi Ying and Lu Zijin.

“Bing Ning has been poisoned and only has three days to live.

I’ve wanted to be with her for the last three days.”

Lu Zijin said with a pained expression.

A person resembling the captain agreed to Lu Zijin’s request from the crowd.

They all knew that once the mechanical girl was infected with Lu Zijin’s virus, she had no chance of survival.

Even Lu Zijin was unable to detoxify.

They have nothing to be concerned about now that Bing Ning has been resolved.

The crisis was resolved, and everyone dispersed in an orderly manner.

Lu Zijin picked up Xi Ying, drove her to a car parked on the side of the road, and put her in the passenger seat.

“Bing Ning, you might have to put it on for a while; I’m afraid they’ll follow us.”

When he was helping Xi Ying fasten her seat belt, Lu Zijin whispered in her ear.

Because Xi Ying was weak, she could only respond softly.

He fastened her seat belt, closed the co-pilot’s door, and Lu Zijin walked to the driver’s seat and sat down.

He started the engine.

Lu Zijin spent a lot of time talking to Xi Ying on the way.

He explained to Xi Ying how he reclaimed the Lu family’s property, used business tactics to smash the Aotian Group, and made Chairman Aotian receive the punishment he deserved.

And Xi Ying was sleepy.

This virus is not painful; it simply weakens her.

Even dying is similar to falling asleep.

When Xi Ying awoke, she discovered she was on a princess bed.

“You’re awake, Bing Ning.” Lu Zijin smiled as he saw Xi Ying awake.

“Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? I see you fell asleep in the car, so I’ll take you home.” Lu Zijin greeted Xi Ying.

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