Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 397

Chapter 397

Xi Ying opened her eyes slowly, and even smiling was difficult.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been as serious if she hadn’t said so much.

[Host, you’re really uncomfortable right now; do you want to end your life and return to the Lord God’s space?]

Xiao Yiyi simply couldn’t stand it any longer.

Anyway, now that all of the Lord God quests and side quests have been completed, she can return as soon as the Host is willing.

“No, there are three days left. Even if all I have to do is lie in bed and stare at him like this, I am willing.” Xi Ying declined.

[That’s fine… but… I’m not sure what the Lord God did this time; what’s the situation? Why must you die to complete the Lord God’s task?

Is this a real bug? No, I have to send an in-site text message to the Lord God; this is absurd!]

Even though Xiao Yiyi knew she wouldn’t get a response from the Lord God or that it would take a long time, she still did it.

Because that’s all she can do at the moment.

And Xi Ying stayed on this plane for three days willingly.

Lu Zijin did not cry for the remaining three days.

It is too late to take Xi Ying elsewhere to play because time has run out.

So Lu Zijin pushed Xi Ying’s wheelchair back to the 24-hour bookstore where they first met.

He went with the same late-night as before.

The bookstore security guard is still that chubby man.

He recognised Xi Ying as soon as he saw her in a wheelchair.

“Bing Ning!” He waved enthusiastically at Xi Ying.

Of course, the security guard recognised Xi Ying as the leader of the robot revolution.

After a day of rest, Xi Ying regained some strength, which allowed her to lift the corner of her mouth and smile at the chubby security guard.

All smiles.

Lu Zijin looked down at Xi Ying, his eyes welling up with tears.

Bing Ning is still stunning.

It’s just that her beauty was full of vitality in the past, a beauty who could see the future and hope.

Her beauty is now frail.

It can be broken with a light touch.

Lu Zijin’s heart twisted violently into a ball.

His nose suddenly turned sour, and he quickly raised his head, pretending to look around the pedestrians.

He had to fight the urge to cry.

Xi Ying is a keen observer.

How could she have missed Lu Zijin’s oddness?

She just pretended she didn’t notice.

“How come you’re in a wheelchair?” The chubby security guard approached and inquired.

“I don’t feel well.” In a hoarse voice, Xi Ying responded.

“She’s not feeling well, so stop talking to her; we just want to read a book.” Lu Zijin immediately informed the security guard.

According to Bing Ning’s character, he knew that she would respond to whatever the security guard said.

Even though she is currently in poor health.

“All right, Bing Ning, when you get better, remember to come here frequently!” The chubby security guard gave a naive smile.

He knew Bing Ning already had a boyfriend, but he would be content to be a passerby just to see such a lovely lady again.

“Hmm,” Xi Ying said quietly.

Making sounds is now easier for her than making movements.

Xi Ying was pushed to the computer section by Lu Zijin.

“Look, the bookstand you bought at the start is full again.” Lu Zijin softly laughed.

Looking around, Xi Ying seemed to recall a scene from three months ago…

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