Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 399

Chapter 399

I always respond with a smile because there is only one in the world.

I’m the only one who knows it’s not a necklace.

It is Bing Ning’s core chip.

The core chip melts after being poisoned.

However, for some inexplicable reason, a core chip the size of a baby’s fingernail was left behind.

This is also the only relic Bing Ning can leave behind.

I always wear it and never take it off.

Bing Ning has always been by my side in situations like this.

I have reclaimed the family’s property over the last five years.

I am no longer a miserable tramp. I have a fortune of hundreds of billions.

I also gained notoriety and admiration for assisting the Global Alliance in assassinating the leader of the robot revolution.

Others believe I am a life-winner.

But I’m not one of them.

It never occurred to me to kill Bing Ning.

People from the Global League of Nations came to me that day.

They know I created a virus that can kill pseudo-human robots and mechanical girls, and they also know I have a grudge against robots, so they asked me to kill a robot, Bing Ning.

They only gave me two options: either die or help them.

Before they arrived, I couldn’t make up my mind; I couldn’t decide whether to kill all the mechanical girls or just Ya’er.

I decided after they arrived.

I do not wish to kill Bing Ning.

However, there are a lot of them. If I don’t kill Bing Ning, both of us will die.

As a result, I must create a false impression.

So that brings us to the next scene.

I had no idea Bing Ning would die.

I blame myself.

I have to live, as Bing Ning said, and living is the most painful thing.

I return to the 24-hour bookstore every night to accept the memory’s punishment.

I was sitting on the ground reading a book one day when I heard a noise in the corner of the escape corridor and saw a girl running out, tears streaming down her face.

The girl dashed to the bookstore’s door and came to a halt.

After thirty seconds, she turned left and went to the children’s comics section to hide.

I put the book down and went to the corridor.

I saw a handsome boy pounding his fist against the wall, looking sad and sorry.

I understand exactly what is going on.

I let her go, just like when Bing Ning asked if I liked her.

It’s all due to deception.

Would things have been different if I had told her I liked her?

I left the store quietly, went to the section of comics for kids to find the girl, and dragged her down the hallway with a blank look on my face.

The girl struggled, but it was pointless because I had so much strength.

We come to the boy.

“Did you split up? If that’s the case, I fell in love with her at first sight.” I lied.

“Yes, we broke up!” The two of them said in unison.

His eyes are filled with reluctance, but his mouth is the same.

I leaned over to kiss the girl without saying anything.

Bing Ning, I won’t really kiss her. I will only have you as a woman in my life.

I simply want to assist them.

Sure enough, as soon as I got close to the girl, she slapped me and the boy punched me.

The girl sobbed and threw herself into the arms of the boy, who hugged her tightly.

I think I succeeded.

“Didn’t you split up?” I asked just to be sure.

“She is my woman, forever, I love her!” yelled the boy.

This response makes me happy.

Obviously, I should be happy for them, but why can’t the corners of my mouth even lift?

I turned around and walked down the escape route’s stairs.


A gentle sound.

My tears splattered on the ground.

The loving couple behind me turned to face me.

I could hear the girl’s voice –

“Look, he’s dressed like a dog.”

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