Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 400

Chapter 400 – I’m Sick, Do You Have Medicine?

This scene was being watched by Xi Ying and Xiao Yiyi in the Lord God’s space.

Xiao Yiyi sobbed uncontrollably. Her face filled with snot and tears as she took out one tissue after another.

And Xi Ying stared at the screen without blinking, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Drop by drop, it slid down her cheeks.

Lu Zijin was lonely forever.

He swallowed the core chip that Xi Ying had left behind before dying.

He died with a smile on his face.

He could finally meet Bing Ning legitimately, and he could tell her, “Look, I didn’t lie to you, I only have you as a woman in this life.”

[Host… woo woo… Lu Zijin! He is so miserable!

I’m so sad! Why must it be this way, ah? Woo woo…]

While crying, Xiao Yiyi inquired.

In reality, she didn’t expect Xi Ying to respond.

Xi Ying stood up and entered the training ground.

She entered and stayed for the entire twenty-hour period.

She appeared exhausted and sweating profusely twenty hours later.

And Xiao Yiyi’s mood has long since stabilised.

[Reporting to the Host, the main Lord God’s quest and the side quest have all been completed. After deducting the points used by the plane, you will get a total of 105,200 points, and the accumulated remaining points will be 195,200 points.]

[Reporting host, Xiao Yiyi level has been upgraded from LV7 to LV8, and the voice function has been upgraded to advanced elementary.

The appearance of Xiao Yiyi can already be changed. Is the Host planning to make Xiao Yiyi look more feminine?]

“No.” Xi Ying refused.

[All right, Xiao Yiyi stays the same.]

[Ah, ah, Host, why don’t you let me transform into a girl! I, too, want to mature! I’ve always been a child. How can you do this? I want to grow up as well!]

Xiao Yiyi intends to create a stir by acting cute with Xi Ying for a while.

But Xi Ying was unconcerned and ignored her, so she went to take a shower.

She fell asleep on the bed after taking a shower.

Seeing that Xi Ying was going to sleep, Xiao Yiyi remained silent.

She keeps quiet.

Xi Ying turned away from Xiao Yiyi without closing her eyes.

How can she sleep?

Her heart throbbed with pain as she remembered Lu Zijin.

The deeper the love, the more difficult it is to see the lover suffer such an ending.

Her heart is in excruciating pain.

Xi Ying sobbed quietly.

For some reason, she fell into a deep sleep.

[Host, get up quickly! Host, if you don’t get up again, you won’t be able to complete the mission of the Lord God! Host, the Lord God is here! ]

Another odd alarm sound.

Xi Ying blinked open his eyes.

A new journey begins.

The ceiling is completely white.

Xi Ying sat up in bed and looked around the room.

The room’s layout is straightforward, with a single bed, a desk, and a bathroom.

It’s also all white.

The pinhole camera hidden in the corner did not escape Xi Ying’s sharp eyes.

White room with a pinhole camera.

So, what exactly is this place?

Xiao Yiyi didn’t give any hints, so Xi Ying had no choice but to wait and see what happened.

Because the Lord God’s task has not yet been issued, and she is unsure if any tasks must be maintained, she believes that sitting on the bed and waiting quietly is the safest option.

After about a half-hour wait, Xi Ying did not wait for the Lord God’s mission, but the door to the room was opened.

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