Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 401

Chapter 401

Two doctors in white coats entered the room, followed by a man.

The man was calm, and his gaze swept around when he entered the room.

Xi Ying was still sitting on the bed, but her eyes moved in sync with theirs, and everything else remained unchanged.

She believed she had guessed something.

The single beds were placed opposite one another.

A desk against the wall is in the middle of the two single beds.

“You will be living here as of today. We will release you once your condition has stabilized.”

“This is your medicine for today. Take it all. Do you hear me?” said the doctor to the man.

Xi Ying noticed that the doctor spoke to the man in an unusual tone.

It’s similar to coaxing a child.

Coax a child?

Xi Ying felt that the thoughts in her mind had become more perfect.

“Okay.” The man solemnly took the medicine from the doctor’s hand and said.

His voice is pleasant.

It has a refreshing sweet fragrance, like a breeze passing by the stream in the mountains.

Following their conversation with the man, the two doctors proceeded to Xi Ying’s bedside.

Xi Ying is currently sitting on the bed, holding her knees.

When she saw the two doctors approaching, she curled up into a small ball, which was endearing.

“Don’t be afraid, Wanwan ah; this big brother is sick like you, so he came here to see a doctor.

Although he shares your room, you are free to do whatever you want and are not required to be affected in any way.

He is him, you are you, and you are the one and only Wanwan.”

Xi Ying had the impression that she had misunderstood the doctor.

The man’s tone was not too normal compared to the doctor’s tone!

What the hell is this kindergarten kid’s tone?

These, however, are all complaints in Xi Ying’s heart.

She opened her eyes as innocently as a deer and stared straight at the two doctors.

The two doctors’ hearts seemed to melt as they saw the ignorance and innocence in her eyes.

Both of these doctors have sons and daughters. They regard Wanwan as a daughter who requires special attention.

Wanwan is an angel in comparison to other mentally ill patients.

Her previous performance was cute and warm; even though it was unusual, it would not make people feel uncomfortable but would instead warm their hearts!

Such a Wanwan is not like those who are mentally ill!

She is a true angel! A young princess! A gift from God!

That’s why they put the hospital’s most attractive and nicest men in the Wanwan room.

Wanwan has reached the marriageable age, and the doctors at the hospital all hope that she will be able to marry like any other person.

They are said to have watched Wanwan grow into the slim girl she is today as if she were a family member.

As a result, the courtyard is a two-person room that transforms into a single room for Wanwan.

Because the doctors are selfish, they want to choose the best person to live in the same room as Wanwan and develop love over time.


Although the doctors encouraged her to marry, she could not do so because of her mental health issues.

They are not going to be barely normal people.

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