Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 402

Chapter 402

For them, Wanwan is very nice and cute, but mentally ill patients like Wanwan are difficult to accept for many normal people.

The doctors will also go to great lengths to find a man with the least illness who will get along well with Wanwan.

No, let them finally wait!

They need to figure out how to make him and Wanwan a couple!

Can you see how these two go together?

Xi Ying didn’t say anything, which surprised the doctors.

But she was sitting quietly on the bed today, which made them feel strange.

They were relieved, however, when they realised how recently she had awoken.

“Wanwan, remember to take the medicine after brushing your teeth and eating breakfast.” The doctor gave Xi Ying clear instructions, word by word.

Xi Ying tilted her head, her eyes innocent and harmless.

The doctors couldn’t help but admire, ah! As one would expect from an angelic Wanwan!

These gazes simply strike the softest spot in their hearts!

Keep calling for their fatherly love to come out!

Feng Bo sat on the bed and looked at the two doctors, his eyes flat and his brows slightly raised.

Does he think something is wrong with the doctors in this mental hospital?

How can you put such an expression on someone who is mentally ill?

It would make him feel like a tourist in the appearance of a giant panda.

Feng Bo’s gaze shifted to Xi Ying as he reflected on this.

He was curious to see what this figure, which the doctor compared to a giant panda, looked like.

The lustrous pink earlobe was revealed by meticulously pinning the short black hair that reached the ear.

The flat bangs are neatly attached to the forehead and cut short to the brows, which looks cute and lovely.

Her eyes are large and her face is small.

The eyes are pure and innocent, like a stray deer in the human world, very pure and beautiful.

She was dressed in a pink and white nightgown with long pants and long sleeves that covered her arms and legs.

However, a pair of white and tender feet were revealed.

Her feet are delicate, with well-kept toes and a healthy pink sheen.

Lovely appearance.

She is also very quiet.

The two doctors spoke to her a lot, but she didn’t respond, instead staring at them with those big innocent eyes.

Feng Bo thought she was probably dumb.

Only the two of them remained in the room after the doctor had left.

Xi Ying was still sitting on the bed silently.

She rests her chin on her arms and holds her knees with her hands.

She is awaiting the task of the Lord God.

But Feng Bo was unwilling to be lonely.

He got up and walked over to the desk.

The desk was spotless, with only one lamp.

When he opens the drawer, he finds a large amount of white paper and a box of coloured pencils.

Apart from that, there was nothing.

He sat down and took out a piece of white paper and coloured pencils.

At the same time, Xi Ying finally received the Lord God’s mission.

[Reporting to the Host, the Lord God’s task has been released.

  1. Keep Mu Wanwan’s adorable mentally ill patient’s character.

Mu Wanwan’s mental illness is distinct from ordinary mental illness, and all the states she exhibits are loveable.

She doesn’t go insane, she doesn’t bite anything, and she doesn’t endanger anyone.

For example, she sometimes feels like a cactus pot.

She would run to a sunny spot and stand with her hands up all day at this time.

Do you know the meaning of this character design, Host?]

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