Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 403

Chapter 403


After a brief pause, Xi Ying inquired, “Isn’t this the Lord God’s first task? What about the rest?”

[Host, this plane’s quest has been upgraded; there are no quest details, and the Lord God’s task will not be released all at once; you must trigger the plot to learn the details and discover the other task.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how many tasks there are in total; that is, we won’t know whether the Lord God’s task has been completed or not until you trigger it.]

Xi Ying: “…”

She had only speculated in the previous plane whether it would become this pattern in the future, but it came true so quickly.


Be adaptable.

An adorable mentally ill person?

That sounds really exciting.

Then, she should do something.

Xi Ying got out of bed and walked over to her desk.

She stood in front of the lamp and then stood motionless, looking ‘tenderly’ at it.

And she happened to be looking in the direction of Feng Bo’s.

Feng Bo was writing something on white paper with coloured pencils when he noticed someone standing beside him and ‘gazing’ at him, so he looked up.

Xi Ying’s eyes, on the other hand, did not look at him at all but rather at the lamp in front of him, almost without blinking.

The sense of self-indulgence was embarrassing.

Feng Bo clenched his fist, his eyes fluttered, and he coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment.

Then he keeps writing on white paper.

Xi Ying simply stood there, motionless.

A group of doctors stood behind the surveillance footage, watching it with interest.

“Eh, eh, what did Wanwan act like right now?”

“I believe it’s a tree!”

“The tree must be in direct sunlight! I guess it’s a vase!”

“You’re all idiots. The vase should be in the corner! Let me give you the correct answer! It’s a lamp!”

“Damn it! You seem to be right! Wanwan has been staring at the desk lamp, which means that the lamp is ‘similar’ to her in her heart!”

“But Wanwan still hasn’t had breakfast…”

“Why is breakfast being delivered so late today?” Someone was angry.

How can their angel begin her ‘play’ without breakfast!

Her body won’t take it any longer!

“Hurry, hurry, let someone bring her breakfast! Tell Feng Bo about Wanwan’s condition, which can create an opportunity for Feng Bo and Wanwan to communicate. Hey, it doesn’t seem like it’s a bad thing at all. ”

The doctors exchanged smiles.

Feng Bo discovered that Xi Ying was still standing there after he finished writing everything he wanted to record.

He put everything on the table back into the drawer, then looked at Xi Ying and tentatively called out, “Wanwan?”

Feng Bo overheard the doctors addressing Xi Ying as “Wanwan.”

Even if she is dumb, her eyes should change.

Xi Ying remained silent.

She is now the lamp.

The lamp cannot communicate.

Feng Bo stopped communicating with Xi Ying because she was motionless and her eyes didn’t even move.

He knew the ‘Aboriginals’ in this area were severely mentally ill.

So don’t be surprised if they make some strange movements.

As for him?

It’s just an experimenter who was coerced into doing the experiment by a friend.

He works as a psychiatrist.

How can he be mentally ill?

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