Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 404

Chapter 404

The door opened just a minute after Feng Bo left the desk.

A small dining cart was pushed into the room.

A female nurse in a pink uniform pushed the dining cart while her eyes kept darting between Xi Ying and Feng Bo.


She regarded Feng Bo in the same way she regarded her future son-in-law.

Another member of the family!

The dining cart was pushed in front of Feng Bo by Ning Jun.

“What do you want for breakfast?” she asked politely.

“Soy milk and steamed buns.” Feng Bo pointed to the warm first layer.

Ning Jun grabbed them and handed them to Feng Bo.

When he was about to take over, she raised the food and refused to let him take it.

Feng Bo raised his head to look at her, his dark eyes puzzled.

Ning Jun was again taken aback by Feng Bo’s appearance, even though it was not her first time seeing it.

He had a pair of black eyes as bright as stars, but he purposefully suppressed the light in them.

It’s as if a layer of clouds and mist has covered up the starry night, making its original beauty hard to see.

Black hair is loose and casually fluffy, like ink.

The square forehead is exposed without bangs, but it is more handsome than those popular little fresh meat with bangs.

His skin was extremely fair, almost sickly pale.

On the other hand, his lips were quite rosy, creating a stark contrast.

Ning Jun always thought that someone like Feng Bo should wear glasses with gold rims.

Her eyes shifted up and down, and she sensed a gentle scum.

Gentle scum?

She imagined Feng Bo, wearing glasses with gold frames, would come up to Wanwan and push her toward the bed.

Wanwan lay down on the bed late at night, with no way out, and then Feng Bo removed his glasses and threw himself…


Ning Jun found her brain supplement humorous.

She decided to go back and told the others that she must get a pair of gold-rimmed glasses for Feng Bo!

“Why don’t you give it to me?” Feng Bo’s deep and refreshing voice drew Ning Jun’s wild mind back.

Ning Jun regained consciousness, coughed twice to conceal her embarrassment, and then explained to Feng Bo in a low voice: “You are free to eat your breakfast, but you must make sure that Wanwan eats breakfast every day.

You can also see that Wanwan has been standing in this position for nearly half an hour.

To tell you the truth, Wanwan has a delusional disorder.

Every day, she imagines herself as someone else.

Yesterday she was a rabbit; today she appears to be a lamp.

She was originally living alone, so it’s my responsibility to feed her.

But now you’re her roommate, and the job of taking care of her is left to you.

I’m relieved because I know your condition is minor.

Okay, I’ll give you both of the soy milk buns. I hope you can look after her well.”

Ning Jun finished speaking quietly and quickly, then handed Feng Bo two soy milk buns, pushed the dining cart, and turned to leave.

Her speed is too fast.

Feng Bo didn’t even have enough time to open his mouth and refuse.


The door slammed shut.

Feng Bo lowered his gaze to the warm food in his hands.

Taking care of Wanwan?

Why did he have the impression that things were not so simple?

Xi Ying overheard all of Ning Jun and Feng Bo’s conversations.

Delusional disorder.

It turns out that her condition is known as delusional disorder.

It is no wonder that it will not cause harm to others because this disease is aimed at the patient itself.

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