Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 405

Chapter 405

Let’s do it; all she has to do is imagine, and her imagination is quite rich.

Feng Bo first finished his breakfast on his own.

Then he returned to Xi Ying with the last soy milk and steamed buns.

He looked at Xi Ying with a playful expression on his face.

He works as a psychiatrist.

The distinction between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that the former is more inclined toward medicine. In contrast, the latter relies entirely on alienation from psychological disorders or shadows to achieve treatment goals.

Thus, psychologists have existed since the beginning to assist people suffering from mental illnesses.

Furthermore, because Feng Bo’s identity and background are so strong, the patients he sees are primarily those from wealthy families who are sick in their minds and suffering in their hearts.

He’d never seen a mentally ill patient like Xi Ying before.

Don’t cry, don’t cause trouble, don’t go insane, and don’t make a racket.

Just stay there quietly, immersed in your fantasy world.

She didn’t look suffering at all.

“Are you hungry, Wanwan?” Feng Bo still decided to put Xi Ying to the test with words first.

He reasoned that when the doctors spoke to Wanwan, her eyes were focused even though she didn’t respond.

It indicates that she can hear and understand.

Xi Ying remained silent.

Feng Bo thought Ning Jun said she was now a desk lamp, and seeing that no matter what he said, she would never respond, he picked up the desk lamp with his free hand.

Xi Ying finally responded this time.

Her gaze followed the movement of the lamp in mid-air.

Feng Bo placed the lamp in front of him, and Xi Ying turned to face him. “Wanwan, I know you’re a lamp now, and you can’t speak or respond to me.

But you should be aware that the lamp requires food to function.”

He unplugs the cord and presses the switch key.

“Look, if there’s no power, the desk lamp won’t turn on, right?”

A group of doctors was filming the case in the surveillance room behind the surveillance camera.

“My Feng Bo is fantastic! I didn’t expect him to take Wanwan’s explanation seriously!”

“Oh, you should know that, while Feng Bo’s condition is mild, he also has mental issues, so he easily accepted Wanwan’s condition and quickly blended into it.

Tsk, I think the boyfriend I chose for Wan Wan is wonderful!

I’m so discerning!”

“What made you pick it for Wanwan? Didn’t we all go with Feng Bo? You scumbag, old man!”

The monitoring room is noisy but unusually warm and peaceful.

They are all loving doctors.

The screen returns to the room.

After hearing Feng Bo’s words, Xi Ying looked at him with those innocent, deer-eyed eyes that could fool anyone.

When Feng Bo saw this, he knew she had paid attention to her words.

He kept the bun warm with one hand while re-plugging the cord plug into the lamp with the other.

Flip the switch.

The warm orange light gradually appeared, softly encircling Feng Bo’s face and softening his initially somewhat profound facial features.

He smiled at Xi Ying and raised his face. “It ate something, so it has the energy to shine.

The purpose of a table lamp is to illuminate; if it cannot emit light, it is meaningless.

Similarly to Wanwan, if you can’t shine without eating, your lamp is useless.”

Feng Bo’s black eyes flickered with a seductive shattered awn in the warm orange light.

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