Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 406

Chapter 406

Bright and lovely, but with a sense of distance beyond reach.

For a moment, Xi Ying locked her gaze on him.

Then her gaze dropped to the steamed buns and soy milk in his hands.

The pink lips opened, and the room was filled with a crisp, sweet, and waxy voice.

“I’d like to charge.”

Feng Bo was surprised.

It turned out she could speak.

The voice is also quite good.

As crispy as a bird waking up in the early morning forest

It makes people feel refreshed and peaceful, as well as very comfortable.

He handed Xi Ying the soy milk and steamed buns.

Xi Ying took it, eating and drinking in small sips.

She looked at the lamp that had been replaced on the desk while eating.

Her gaze was fixed as if nothing could take her attention away from it.

Her cheeks were full on both sides as she ate, decreasing and increasing as she chewed.

Feng Bo’s eyes flashed with a thin smile.

In this way, she resembles a small hamster eating.

Surprisingly, it made him feel adorable.

He seemed to grasp a tiny spark of why those doctors had been so supportive of Wanwan not long ago.

Wanwan is a clear stream of existence in this hospital full of mentally ill patients.

After breakfast, Xi Ying resumed her role as her desk lamp.

But she didn’t last long this time.

They have to go out for activities from ten to eleven-thirty in the morning.

Being in the room all day does nothing to improve their condition and only worsens it.

As a result, Feng Bo could only let Wanwan leave the room with him and walk to the playground holding the lamp.

The couple’s appearance drew the attention of other mentally ill people in the square.

It’s not because of their appearance against the sky or because Wanwan is well-known here.

However, anyone who comes to the playground with a desk lamp attracts attention.

Especially the lady in the red gown.

When she saw Feng Bo, she looked surprised and walked quickly toward him.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Feng Bo.” Jian Sisi’s tone was bold, and her red dress exuded heroism.

It’s a pity that…

Xi Ying could tell she was acting right away.

[Reporting to the host, the Lord God’s task has been released.

  1. Turn Jane Sisi into a true mental patient. Level of mental illness: severe.]

To put it bluntly, drive Jane Sisi insane.

Xi Ying was perplexed by this Lord God’s task.

A real mental illness?

Isn’t Jane Sisi already here?

Aren’t all of the mentally ill in hospitals?

According to the Lord God’s task, is Jian Sisi not sick? Is she pretending?

But why pretend to be sick when you aren’t and then pretend to be mentally ill?

What is her task?

Will this be one of the Lord God’s tasks?

Because there are no details about the mission, Xi Ying can only make guesses about how to improve the situation of this plane over time.

But she’s changed her mind.

Jian Sisi must have done something wrong to Wanwan.

Otherwise, the Lord God’s task will not be directed specifically at her.

In this case, Xi Ying would be extra cautious of Jian Si.

She was curious to see what this heroic woman planned to do to her.

Feng Bo simply said ‘um’ in response to Jian Sisi’s initiative to strike up a conversation.

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