Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 407

Chapter 407

Feng Bo turned his head to look at Xi Ying after giving an indifferent ‘um.’ “Actually, you are a multi-functional desk lamp that can charge and absorb solar energy.

So, let’s go to the swing over there and absorb some solar energy.”

Feng Bo was unaware that he had already begun to coax her by mimicking how the doctors spoke to Xi Ying.

Why is this so?

Because Xi Ying is now far too endearingly silly and cute.

She is imaginative and harmless.

Despite her mental illness, she will not attack others on her own initiative.

She was lost in her little world, looking at this no longer pure world through those pure and clean eyes.

Such a person makes Feng Bo, who is used to seeing life’s difficulties, feel different.

It’s similar to eating candied fruit after drinking a bowl of bitter Chinese medicine.

Sweet in the heart, a smile on the face.

Xi Ying cannot speak as a desk lamp, even if it is a high-tech desk lamp that can absorb solar energy.

She blinked at Feng Bo, indicating that she had agreed.

So Feng Bo led the way with the lamp, and Xi Ying trailed behind.

Jian Sisi was about to burst when he saw this scene!

She took the initiative to approach Feng Bo, dressed so nicely that he gave her a non-salty ‘um’!

But what about this girl?

Feng Bo said so many words to her, with a pleasant face and a coaxing tone, that Jian Sisi considered it a great favour!

But she said nothing and just stared blankly at Feng Bo!

Is she dumb?

How can a dumb person turn Feng Bo’s attitude around?

Is it because she has an immature body like a child?

Jian Sisi cast an unintentional glance at her chest.

Although it can’t be called a roaring sea, it’s impressive ah!

How does that brat’s flat chest compare to hers?

So, why? Because she is attractive?

Jian Sisi acknowledged that this little brat appears innocent and cute, making people feel at ease when they see it.

To exaggerate a bit, it was like seeing a little angel.

Especially when she doesn’t say anything and just stares at people with her cute big wet eyes.


It is not beautiful in the least!

That brat has no comparison to her!

Jian Sisi didn’t dare say anything else, but she was 100% sure of her own appearance!

After all, she’d had a lot of micro-face surgeries, okay?

Her face has been refined a few points with each micro facelift, and she now has a full score, ah.

Unlike celebrities, Jian Sisi believed that there would be no second focus in the crowd as long as she was noticeable.

So Jian Sisi had no idea why Feng Bo didn’t want to look at her more.

She has been by his side from elementary school to university, graduation, and work.

They should have been childhood best friends, a natural match.

But why is it that every time she confesses, Feng Bo rejects her?

If you refuse, you will refuse, anyway, there has never been another woman around Feng Bo.

Jian Sisi believed she had a good chance of winning.

When Jian Sisi learned that Feng Bo had been forcibly pulled over to participate in this experiment, she had no choice but to drop everything she was working on and join in.

She purposefully tidied up her clothes before walking over to Feng Bo on the playground.

But what did she see?

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