Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 408

Chapter 408

How could Feng Bo be so gentle and patient with a spoiled brat?

Jane Sisi was irritated.

She calmed down and followed after Feng Bo and Xi Ying walked ten meters away.

“Bo, it seems that the two of us are truly fated. I’m here to say hello ahead of time.” Jian Sisi tried her hardest to smile sincerely.

Feng Bo didn’t even look at her, instead turning his head to check on Xi Ying behind him to see if she had fallen.

Jian Sisi clenched her teeth and stared at Xi Ying with fire in her eyes.

However, her expression remained lighthearted.

“Which room do you live in? I live in 1048. We can visit each other when we are free.” Jian Sisi took the initiative to give her room number.

Feng Bo didn’t seem to notice her voice. His eyes were fixed ahead, and his steps were leisurely.

“Why are you acting this way, Feng Bo? If I talked to you for too long, you wouldn’t say anything back.

Let me tell you, I have a good temper, and if it were another girl, they would totally ignore you.”

Jian Sisi shrugged casually.

Feng Bo’s gaze finally shifted to her face as soon as these words were spoken.

“Go away.”

All of Jian Sisi’s expressions froze when she heard the short words.

She had no idea Feng Bo would say such a cruel thing to her.

So hurtful.

Jian Sisi came to a halt and froze.

On the other hand, Feng Bo and Xi Ying did not stop and came to the swing together.

Feng Bo first placed the lamp on the swing’s seat to imitate for Xi Ying.

Xi Ying tilted her head with her eyes pure and her sweet expression.

In Jian Sisi’s opinion, Feng Bo’s expression was patient, and there appeared to be a faint smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

After completing the simulation, he removed the lamp and placed it on the grass.

Xi Ying sat on the swing with both hands clamped on her lap.

Feng Bo, standing behind her, quickly bent his brows, grabbed her wrist, and placed her two hands on the swing’s ropes on both sides.

Jian Sisi has seen Feng Bo and laughed several times since she first saw him on the playground!

Jian Sisi has rarely seen Feng Bo laugh in the past!

From elementary school to graduation, the number of times Feng Bo’s smiling face appeared is almost equal to the number of fingers on one hand!

Jian Sisi had always thought that he had iceberg facial nerve paralysis, so she was thrilled to see this smile on a face that was paralyzed.

But what about now?

Excuse me?!

What about the iceberg facial nerve paralysis?

How about not smiling?

How did everything come crashing down after meeting this little brat?

What on earth is this little brat?

Feng Bo had only been with her for five hours, yet he was captured by her?

He laughed and shook hands. Shouldn’t the next step be…

Jian Sisi was able to stop her brain supplementation just in time.

It’s best to find out who this little brat is as soon as possible!

She snorted arrogantly and turned to leave after one last look at this harmonious and beautiful picture.

Feng Bo is currently ‘teaching’ Xi Ying how to grasp the ropes on both sides of the swing.

“Hold tight, or you’ll be thrown out when you fly up, and the lamp tube will shatter, making you unable to shine.”

Feng Bo informed Xi Ying, who was deeply involved in the game.

Xi Ying didn’t say anything, but her hands appeared to be holding the rope nervously.

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