Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 409

Chapter 409

Even if Feng Bo was standing behind her now, he could imagine the expression on her cute face.

In his eyes, a faint smile appeared.

“Then let’s get started right away.”

Feng Bo grabbed the rope with both hands and pushed Xi Ying forward after speaking.

The swing has a lot of inertia, and Xi Ying is small and light.

So Feng Bo simply shook her a few times, and the swing began to swing back and forth on its own.

He then took a step back.

Xi Ying clenched her lower lip, her flat bangs blown up by the wind, revealing a small and delicate round forehead.

She appeared to be both nervous and happy.

When she looked at Feng Bo, Xi Ying’s clear eyes reflected the sun’s rays, shining brightly.

In the distance, the doctors on the balcony put down their binoculars one by one and exclaimed, “Why didn’t we think of this method sooner? It’s a shame Wanwan has never used the swing!”

“Who said I hadn’t considered it? I thought of it! But I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch Wanwan if she falls and gets hurt, so I haven’t tried it.”

“This Feng Bo isn’t bad; I’ve already chosen him!”

“It seems like the person who prepared it for you. Go and don’t make trouble, whether you can choose or not depends mainly on Wanwan’s attitude.”

“If you want to know if Wanwan can accept Feng Bo, watch when Wanwan takes the initiative to approach him.”

“Hey, I said, this guy Feng Bo has only talked to Wanwan for less than five hours, and you want him to marry Wanwan?”

“Who would like to marry Wanwan! I can’t bear the thought of someone marrying such a lovely lady!”

“If it weren’t for Wanwan’s happiness, I’d like Angel Wanwan to be our healing angel here ah…”

Speaking of which, a group of middle-aged men became depressed.

They couldn’t be with their children for long periods due to work, so they regarded Wanwan as their daughter.

Now that they believe Wanwan will leave here after getting married, they can no longer see the cute angel Wanwan in this way, which makes them very sad.

And Xi Ying is completely unaware of their anguish.

She’s having a good time on the swing.

She has never played much, whether she came to the Lord God’s space or the previous plane.

This is not the same as playing on the playground. The facilities are unique, not dangerous, and not overly large.

The gentle breeze passes over her face, the light and shadow shifting as she swings back and forth.

The world appears to have changed dramatically.

As if there were a pair of large hands trying to heal Xi Ying’s heart wound.

Even if it takes a long time, the process will eventually end.

Xi Ying had no idea Feng Bo had left her side.

She was still swinging alone.

The entire swing abruptly came to an end.

Xi Ying turned her head for unknown reasons and discovered that standing behind her was not Feng Bo but a group of men and women.

Two people grabbed the swing, preventing it from moving.

The bald man in front of her wrapped his arms around her. The woman in the center has a ruffian expression on her face.

The woman being hugged has a shy expression as if she is a little lover.

“Hey, you, come down! ”

The bald man pointed angrily at Xi Ying.

Xi Ying looked around.

The mist-shrouded her black eyes, the water was misty, and some couldn’t see the emotions in her eyes.

In the eyes of Feng Bo and the doctors, her expression was so cute that she cried.

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