The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 55.1

Jiang Shining had always felt that she had made the wrong decision when she was “reincarnated.”

She believed she would fight alone and live a lonely life. As a result, she chose to enhance her physical level, stamina, and strength value. This is also because Jiang Shining had just come out of the apocalyptic environment at that time. Her thoughts were preoccupied with fortifying herself and making her job more manageable. At the very least, she did not want to be controlled by others simply because she was a woman with a weak body.

She also made sure she had enough money to spend.

The cubs unexpectedly appeared one after the other. It seems that deciding whether the value of strength is high or low is unnecessary. Her money and company receive fewer points as well. She wouldn’t have chosen a big company when she was in the book authority if she knew she would raise cubs. Her points are now useless.

Jiang Shining only recently realized the importance of her strength value.

There are too many sons, and their limitless energy is tough to control.

Raising a son and a daughter are two completely different things. Moths are sometimes compared to dogs. To be in charge of him, you must first tame him.

When the others awoke the following day, they discovered that the sofa and furnishings in the living room had been relocated. Jiang Shining and Jing Yuan have already sat down for breakfast, but they don’t look the same. Jiang Shining appeared normal, whereas Jing Yuan seemed to be cloudy.

“What happened to make you so upset?”

Jing Xuan sat beside him and looked at him with interest.

Jing Yuan swallowed a mouthful of porridge with a dark face, thinking about how to put himself down in order to give Jiang Shining a face, but not to be seen.

Then he realized it was more difficult than reaching the sky. In any case, men’s and women’s physiques are predefined. Male wrestlers can’t be overweight in a competition, let alone between men and women. It’s not comparable at all.

He has no idea how to explain it.

“We’ll do something after breakfast later.” Jiang Shining explained.

Only then did the crowd notice that she was dressed casually in black sportswear.

“Are you going to play badminton at home?” Chen Ruozhi guessed.

 “The two of us are going to spar.” Jiang Shining conveyed herself calmly.

They were puzzled. They had no idea where this competition was going, but their interest was piqued. They have to wait until after breakfast.

Only Guoguo smiled and said, “Mom! You’re going to have to kill again!”

The moths:…..

“This is a civilized world, Guoguo; mommy will not fight and kill.” “Because recently, brother has not been very well behaved,” Jiang Shining explained gently, “Mommy and brother would have to swap pointers with each other.”

“Oh! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Guoguo was overjoyed as Jiang Shining’s devoted little fan girl.

Even if they are reincarnated, their previous life has significantly impacted them. For example, Guoguo still remembers her previous life. She enjoys watching fights more than other children and sees nothing wrong with it. Ordinary people define success as wealth and power, whereas Guoguo believes that the most successful person is the one who fights the best.

Jiang Shining is, without a doubt, the most powerful and best woman in her heart!

Jiang Shining asked Jing Yuan after eating, “What do you want to compete with? Knife, gun, or barehanded?”

Jing Yuan found the current situation so bizarre that he could only say, “I, I can do anything.”

Jiang Shining went upstairs to retrieve a knife.

Taking advantage of the situation, Chen Ruozhi teased Guoguo, saying, “Guoguo, aren’t you worried about mommy?”

“Why should I be worried about Mommy?” “Mom is the most powerful person,” Guoguo strangely stated.

Jing Yuan then remembered that Guoguo’s world was the apocalyptic zombie world and asked, “Guoguo, do you remember what happened to your world after that?”

Of course, Guoguo has forgotten. She only remembers her mother being so strong. She always triumphs over zombies and humans.

But there was one thing she couldn’t forget.

“Mom established a new order and ruled the human race!”

Months: ……

What kind of science fiction story will this be?

Jing Yuan’s mind is a jumbled mess, but he is relieved that Jiang Shining still knows something not to cause any bad results with his own heavy hands.

Jiang Shining came down this time, holding two knives and throwing one at Jing Yuan. Jing Yuan knew the decorative knives were genuine when he received them because they were heavy.

When he pulled out the sheath, both Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan sighed in admiration.

“Good knife.”

Jiang Shining used such a good knife as shelf decoration, and the sheath was also very ordinary. Nobody will notice it just sitting there.

After Jing Yuan praised the knife, he hesitated again. “Mom, is this the real deal? Otherwise, it would be the first time we would have a duel…”

Jiang Shining didn’t argue with him; instead, she threw the sheath, reached out, and swung at him. Jing Yuan took it unconsciously. Jing Yuan caught Jiang Shining’s attack with his blade, making a sharp sound of iron on iron.

He was stunned; just by this swing, he could tell Jiang Shining had a solid foundation and had fought many actual battles.

Jiang Shining drew her knife and asked, “Should we officially begin?”

Jing Yuan nodded, and this time he didn’t take it lightly; the two stood in the empty position, ready, and then began to move-

Jing Yuan was the first to be attacked, and the blade shone as it continued to deal blows against him. When he regained consciousness, he was already lying on the ground with Jiang Shining’s knife still pointed at him.

Jing Yuan opened his eyes wide in disbelief. The knife forced him to lose his balance step by step?!

He stood up and became more serious. They returned several times, and Jing Yuan lost each time. The scariest thing was that Jing Yuan’s attack got stronger with each round, while Jiang Shining always played it too easy, and he was always going to lose in six steps.

55th Chapter

“Let’s stop fighting with knives!” Even if Jiang Shining had the upper hand, Jing Yuan didn’t want to fight her with knives. “Let’s have a fist fight,” he said, setting the knife aside.

“Okay.” Jiang Shining laughed. She was feeling uncomfortable with half-closed hands.

The two started fighting, which was good, but he couldn’t defeat Jiang Shining. Jiang Shining has several lifetimes of experience, and the body data adjusted later is already highly buggy. Jing Yuan loses more and more seriously, but in the end, he gives it his all and still hasn’t won!

Jing Yuan began to have doubts about his life. He was so bored at the time that he went to fight Chen Tanliang every day, but he felt it wasn’t enough. Wouldn’t it have been better if he’d known this sooner and been beaten by his mother?

“Why are you so powerful?” In disbelief, he murmured, “What kind of bodyguard do you need? I will refund your money.”

Jiang Shining is very pleased with her abilities, which she has never used in this world.

Except for Guoguo, who cheered and applauded, the other cubs had frozen into salted fish when she looked up.

“Is it fair enough?” Jiang Shining raised his eyebrows.

“A… amazing…” Convinced.

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