The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 55.2

“Then I have to go home at ten o’clock…”

“Masters of martial arts still have to go home before ten o’clock!” Unexpectedly, the cubs spoke in unison on this point.

Jiang Shining shook her head and stared intently at Jing Yuan. “If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose,” she said with a smile.

“…I will be well-behaved.” Jing Yuan said.

“You can come to me at any time if you still feel itchy and want to fight.” Jiang Shining expressed without sympathy.

“No, thank you.” Jing Yuan said sincerely, “I want to be a pacifist.”

Jiang Shi returned to work refreshed after teaching (deliberately) and sparring (beating) her son, and the secretary mentioned that her complexion had improved.

Exercise may also be beneficial to the body.

Jiang Shining spent some time in the office dealing with official matters before becoming idle. She turned on the computer and browsed the popular V-Bo news on the Internet, paying close attention to the hot article about Zou Yu.

Everyone has a lukewarm attitude toward her, but it’s fine to admire her beauty, even if it’s not with much favor. After all, aside from that brief mv, nothing else can demonstrate her characteristics. Jiang Shining didn’t mind, as long as he did it gradually.

Ninglu Media appears to have decided to occupy the hot search of V-Bo. After a week, the 4T group’s new album was released from the hot search, and Ninglu Media announced the first lineup of the variety show.

Fans of actor Mu Xu began to comment on the blog as the top traffic, and others did not show weakness, but the fans were not as united and organized as Mu Xu.

Mu Xu is a hot topic. On the other hand, Netizens are surprised that Feng Fuman came to participate in the show. You should know that she always looks sexy and arrogant. She has only acted in movies since her debut and has never done any commercials. She came to participate in variety shows now?

On the Internet, it can only be assumed that Ninglu Media’s variety show was so successful that all of these big actors and stars came to participate in this new variety show.

On the other hand, Mu Xu’s fans do not appear to want to watch the show in which Big Brother falls in love with a newcomer who is about to be promoted. Zou Yu can only rely on these difficulties and the size control in variety shows.

Ninglu Media’s new variety show has been popular for several days, and then, just as the excitement died down, Ninglu Media’s official V released the first movie trailer.

Originally, those online critics who had a positive impression of Ninglu and felt that Ninglu Media’s approach to sticking its nose into everything was doomed to fail also stopped appearing for the time being. However, based on the trailer, the film’s quality, clothing, color matching, and scenes are consistent, and there is enough suspense.

The most important thing is a clip in the trailer of the white fox finally starting to mature into adulthood. The white fox transforms into a human being under the tree in the rain of flowers. They notice that this woman’s black hair is soft and shiny like satin, her fragrant shoulders are partially exposed, and her skin is creamy. She turned her face slightly as she lay beneath the tree’s roots, only to see her long brows and long eyelashes trembling, not to mention her delicate nose and small lips.

They can see from her side profile that this woman has brought disaster to the country and its people. Her black eyes were charming and innocent as soon as she raised her head, with a childlike innocence in her charm.

Ninglu, where did you find such a lovely young lady? Netizens were stunned, and Lin Qingqing’s beauty made their hearts itch. The incredible thing is that both Lin Qingqing and Feng Fuman, who will appear in the variety show, are sexy and charming women. Still, Feng Fuman gives people a strong sense of attack, whereas Lin Qingqing, while sexy, is not the type that women despise.

Lin Qingqing, on the other hand, rose to prominence quickly due to her brief appearance. Lin Qingqing was described as a “fairy fox” in all the high praise comments. 

On the same day, these lovely ladies called Lin Qingqing’s fans Fox Fans even though Lin Qingqing had not yet opened Weibo!

It’s just a trailer, but Lin Qingqing has plenty of fans, and her popularity is skyrocketing, with mostly positive feedback. The Internet and the company are brimming with joy. Many employees want to congratulate Lin Qingqing, but she has never appeared at the door.

Lin Qingqing works hard with her teacher to improve her acting skills. She opened her V-blog in the evening to discover that she was popular, and everyone praised her for her beauty.

Lin Qingqing happily looked at them one by one, even reporting the people raising the bar.

There is a very sensational comparison between Feng Fuman, who appeared in Ninglu Company’s variety show, and Lin Qingqing, who appeared in the film. Even though Lin Qingqing felt the two of them were of different types, her body honestly praised every comment that she looked better.

She still has the impression that something is wrong.

She called Jiang Shining at one o’clock in the morning.

 “Ningning, can your account like a v-blog of Lin Qingqing’s beauty and prosperous age? It’s the most popular right now, and it’s easy to find!” Lin Qingqing said. After a brief pause, she exclaimed happily, “You may not be aware that I am the most popular with only one trailer. I’m so amazing.”

For a while, Jiang Shining remained silent.

How could she have overlooked that the first batch to praise Lin Qingqing’s face was Ninglu Company’s navy?

“Can I not do such childish things?” Jiang Shining said, “My account is a work account.”

“No! No, no, no! If you don’t give me a thumbs up, we’re no longer sisters!” Lin Qingqing murmured, “I never asked you to retweet anything. You always encourage your employees to grow. Isn’t it time to demonstrate it?”

Jiang Shining had the impression that Lin Qingqing was her third daughter and that she was noisier than Guoguo.

Her mouse trembled for a moment before giving a like on the popular Weibo.

Some of Jiang Shining’s fans bound their v-blog with the Star Chasing app in the middle of the night, and as soon as the pop-up window was pushed, they knew Jiang Shining was online and what she did.

They opened it and saw that, at 1:30 a.m., Jiang Shining had liked Lin Qingqing’s beautiful and prosperous v-blog.

Fans: Huh…

The next day, following the announcement of the two presidents of Xiu Lingfei and Jiang Shining the next day, the second wave of fans and fan art about Jiang Shining resurfaced.

“Escape of the White Fox: The Domineering Female President Falling in Love with Me”

“The Female President’s Little Wife”

“Two or Three Things Between Me and the President on August 18”

The author has something to say about it:

Ning Ning:…

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