The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 62.1

This type of ghost story is perfect for telling in the summer because it has a cooling effect. Because their kindergarten has a hearth to keep them warm, it is also a good idea to talk around it at night and tell some interesting stories.

The cubs were very courageous, and they all agreed.

Hua Lan is the most passionate of them all: “Hey, this is good, this is good. I love listening to stories.”

It enjoys hearing strange stories as a vine that can live for a long time.

Several of the cubs were newborn calves who did not fear tigers because they were young and had no idea what ghosts were, so they agreed.

Some cubs are terrified, asking, “What should I do if I see a ghost?”

“It doesn’t have to be ghost stories, as long as it’s more surprising things that happened,” Xu Qiu said with a smile. ” Do you have any other opinions? You are free to say it.”

“I don’t have any opinions.”

“Then let’s start,” Xu Qiu said after receiving all the votes. “Everyone gathers in a circle. Let’s play a game of “Pass the Flower by Hitting the Drum.”

The flowers are said to be passed on while the drum is being hit, but they lack both drums and flowers. Fortunately, similar mini-games can be substituted.

Xu Qiu reached for a glass bottle on the table. Originally, this item was used to hold milk in the system. After drinking the milk and goat milk in the store, Xu Qiu kept all these glass bottles.

The ten cubs and two adults gathered in a circle. Xu Qiu placed the glass bottle in the centre and spun it enthusiastically. The first storyteller was the person whose mouth was aimed at. After he finished speaking, the next person began telling the story clockwise until they had completed a circle.

The bottle rubbed against the floor, making a harsh sound that was especially audible in the quiet hall. The bottle squeaked to a stop, and the mouth of the bottle was aimed at Jin Xingxing.

The little fox leaned against the big fox, listening to his mother’s stories from the past.

Jin Xingxing coughed twice: “All right, let me tell you about my childhood.”

Jin Xingxing, the small fox, used to live in the mountains. The mountains are incredibly high, with lush forests and abundant resources.

However, they are relatively poor due to their remote location, but Jin Xingxing has never been concerned about food or clothing. She eats wild fruits and some crops grown in the mountains, such as millet and green vegetables.

The mountains have clear springs, lush trees, flowers that bloom all year, and various mountain goods.

“That sounds awesome.”

The mountains on their planet are barren, there are no trees or flowers, and the only green is found in a kindergarten.

“When I went to class, I had to walk a long way. One day, I returned late. The sun had set, the sky was dark, the moon hung on the tops of the treetops, and after a while, it was hidden in the clouds, turning the place that was not bright before pitch-black.”

Jin Xingxing was a very playful person at the time, but when she said these words in front of her daughter, she improved her public persona.

“The wind was blowing like it was today that day. I saw a particularly gleaming pheasant on the road.”

Jin Xingxing licked her lips subconsciously as she spoke of pheasants: “Pheasants are a good thing. Their feathers are beautiful, and the tail feathers can be used to make shuttlecocks. The pheasants run through the forest every day, and it’s delicious.”

When the cubs heard this, they concluded that Jin Xingxing’s story was nothing. Make their mouths water instead of being intimidating.

“At that time, I jumped up, but it was empty,” Jin Xingxing said quietly. ” After a while, the pheasant appeared in the woods, and I chased after it, running and chasing until I found myself on a road I’d never seen before.”


“The pheasant abruptly vanished. My mother was still waiting for me, and it was late at this point. I needed to get home quickly, but I couldn’t find my way back!”

This is a terrible story. Previously, the cubs had difficulty locating Xu Qiu. They could sense how anxious the people waiting for her should be.

Jin Xingxing can probably create a more terrifying atmosphere because she has been acting for several years. Her words are contagious and filled with emotion: “I walked and walked after that, and my legs were as heavy as lead. I had no idea how far I had walked before collapsing headfirst on the road.

“When I woke up the next day, I found myself lying on the road not far from my house, rolling in dirty mud,” Jin Xing said, her voice a little frightening. ” It turns out I was walking around in front of my house yesterday but couldn’t find my way back.”


The timid cub has made a startling noise.

The little fox clutched the big fox’s tail tightly as if she feared her mother would disappear.

“It’s okay, you see. I’m sitting here well now,” the big fox said as she smoothed her little fox’s hair. This story teaches us not to run around after school because we will get lost and will not be able to return home if we are not careful.”

The other cubs nodded in agreement as soon as she finished speaking.

Then it was the turn of the little mermaid, You Yu.

“Let me tell you a story about a sea witch,” You Yu’s voice was much more immature.

“There is a magical-looking mermaid in our deep sea, and everyone calls her the sea witch.”

Yuan Jiu spread his wings and said: “I know this because I read it in the storybook about the sea king’s daughter. The mermaid exchanged her voices, and the sea witch transformed her tails into legs, and then the fool prince found the wrong person, causing the little mermaid to die.”

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