The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 62.2

“It’s okay, you see. I’m sitting here well now,” the big fox said as she smoothed her little fox’s hair. “This story teaches us not to run around after school because we will get lost and will not be able to return home if we are not careful.”

The other cubs nodded in agreement as soon as she finished speaking.

Then it was the turn of the little mermaid, You Yu.

“Let me tell you a story about a sea witch,” You Yu’s voice was much more immature.

“There is a magical-looking mermaid in our deep sea, and everyone calls her the sea witch.”

Yuan Jiu spread his wings and said: “I know this because I read it in the storybook about the sea king’s daughter. The mermaid exchanged her voices, and the sea witch transformed her tails into legs, and then the fool prince found the wrong person, causing the little mermaid to die.”

“The sea witch I’m referring to does not want a mermaid’s voice.”

Xu Qiu said: “Don’t interrupt others when they’re speaking. Wait until they are done speaking. We must respect one another.”

On a normal day, Xu Qiu would have to take one-fifth of Yuan Jiu’s small red flowers away.

There are five petals on the small red flower. If you make a mistake, one to five petals will be deducted at a time, depending on how serious the mistake was, until no petals are left.

But since it’s a holiday, Xu Qiu is only educating him verbally.

“I’m sorry, I’ll listen to you,” Yuan Jiu said, sticking out his tongue.

“The sea witch is a magical being. However, legend has it that she is horrid, thin and small, with dirty seaweed-like hair that covers her face, looks gloomy, and prefers to wear black robes. To make medicine, the sea witch will eat the mermaid’s children and dig out the mermaid’s heart and liver.”

Xu Qiu’s lips twitched slightly. The sea creatures were very good at telling terrifying stories to the cubs.

Consider the fairy tale books she has read. They were very bloody and violent at first. After all, when they were first created, these richly symbolic fairy tales were used to frighten children.

“There are many people in our area who tell the little mermaid that if the little mermaid doesn’t obey, they will be fed to the sea witch.”

This is similar to how adults scare children by threatening to feed them to wolves if they do not obey.

“However, no one has ever seen a sea witch. Someone suggested that we go find a sea witch one day. We mermaids have sharp teeth, especially on our tails, and our voices can confuse people, so there is no fear of sea witches at all. Sea witches are all used by adults to deceive people. “

Well, in every horror story, the protagonist group will start courting death.

“At the time, everyone thought it was very reasonable, so we decided to go to the sea witch together and hide from the adults.”

“We swam, swam, swam through the canyon, over the coral bushes, and finally arrived at the sea witch’s residence.”

“Is there a sea witch in the ocean?” Zhu Niang wondered.

“There is, of course. We came across a dilapidated small house. In the house, medicine was bubbling and bubbling. The medicine liquid was dark green, and it contained some fishtails.”

You Yu reflected nostalgically: “When everyone saw the pot, they were terrified and angry, so we decided to destroy the sea witch’s pot. Then we did that, and the sea witch’s house caught fire and erupted from the sea.”

“Is there fire in the ocean as well? It’s not that the water can extinguish the fire when it is poured.”

A fire can be put out with water. This is common sense; Xu Qiu does not need to teach the cubs.

“Of course, there are volcanoes under the sea, and when they erupt, they are especially spectacular.”

Volcanoes will bring a variety of treasures, including some rare plants. Many people in the ocean are interested in gold and precious metals.

“When everyone had finished, the sea witch reappeared unexpectedly. She sounded like lightning and thunder. It was as if lightning had split the sky.”

It happened outside at this time, and the rumbling thunder, accompanied by the crackling blizzard hitting the doors and windows, became the perfect accompaniment.

You Yu’s voice startled everyone, and the cubs wondered, “And then what?”

“Then we were caught by the sea witch!” You Yu grumbled.

Ah! How could this be?

Is it possible that You Yu was sent here by a sea witch?

Each cub has its own secrets; only they know who sent them here and how they lived.

Despite being together for several years, these cubs are unaware of each other’s secrets.

You Yu, on the other hand, is a storyteller who never tells a story halfway. She satisfied the cubs’ curiosity and finished the story: “When she returned, every little mermaid was beaten. We worked long and hard to help the sea witch rebuild a house.”

The sea witch they discovered was not a true sea witch but a mermaid who has always been unique, similar to a witch in the merman race. When mermaids are sick, they swarm to her for medicine.

Because the other party does not bother about trifles, the entire person appears sloppy, and the messy, seaweed-like hair on her head is also real seaweed.

The other party went out to look for medicine and got into the seaweed bush. When she turned around, her house had been set on fire by this group of mermaid cubs.


So stupid!

The cubs all laughed with delight, and the hall was filled with a happy atmosphere.

While the cubs were chatting around the hearth, a gang of true interstellar thieves sped towards them in their powerful spaceships.

The Barren Star is a poor asteroid. There isn’t even a cigarette in it. Even the most chaotic of forces would not choose to station themselves on such an asteroid.

The goal of this group of interstellar thieves is nothing but the rich and beautiful realm of ice and snow.

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