The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 63

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 63

In clockwise order, Xu Qiu, Little Green Snake, Mu Zhi, Two Bat Brothers, Little Fox, Big Fox, You Yu, Zhu Niang, Hua Lan, Bai Sa, Yuan Jiu.

You Yu told the story of the sea witch, and Zhu Niang told the story of his snail man friend.

“This is not my personal experience, but it is from a friend of a friend.” This is an actual story. On weekdays, the snail family, our distant relatives, carry their shells and move slowly.”

“Is this the same kind of spicy screw meat snail we ate before?” inquired the foodie cubs.

“Yes, the species are similar, but the snail is large,” the storyteller tried to answer the cubs’ question. “It’s quite large.”

After all, the story’s protagonist is a distant relative of theirs, Zhu Niang’s clam shell is huge, and they are all races that like to bring their own houses with them.

“Everyone knows that if we leave the water for too long, we will quickly lose strength and may even die of thirst. One day, the snail man went to the lake to enjoy the sun, but a gust of wind blew it away.”

“How come he didn’t crawl out of his shell?”

 The cubs asked one hundred thousand why towards him. If you’re not sure, ask.

The cubs were puzzled. Although Zhu Niang had a shell, he could be separated from it as a whole, unlike You Yu’s tail, which could not be broken off.

“Snails are not the same as us. They couldn’t crawl out of their shells for a long time.”

They have never seen any snail meat and shell that are already separated when eating snail meat.

“At this time, someone passed by the shore and picked up the snail,” Zhu Niang explained.

Humans have mixed blood of many races, so when they are young, they will show the appearance of different races, but people of other races can’t tell the difference between this ordinary race and other edible food. What is the difference in food?

Because of his size, the poor, unlucky snail was thrown into the human’s tank and survived.

“It was around this time that the snails matured and became humanoids.”

The family was delighted when a tiny pink baby crawled out of the water tank. Nobody in their family was able to have a child.

It sounds like a great story, but if it were, it wouldn’t be in this fireside chat.

“Shortly after the snail man came, this family had a child of their own,” Niang Zhu said softly. “From the beginning, they liked the snail man, but slowly it turned into disgust. They treated the snail as their servant, beating and scolding and letting him do all the housework.”

Hearing this, Xu Qiu had an unsettling feeling.

“After tiring from too much hard work, the snail man fell back into the water tank and transformed into a large snail.”

When the family’s child saw the snail, he exclaimed, “I want snail meat!”

Zhu Niang had finished telling the story of the snail man’s tragic life, and the other cubs didn’t have time to feel sorry for the poor snail man. “After eating this big snail, it was discovered a few days later that the entire family was dead,” he added. “The corpse is now rotting and stinking up the house!”

Because that race of snail is a highly poisonous snail, and typical spicy screw meat does not contain this race, there is no situation in which any genes are extracted and cultivated with humans.

When Zhu Niang told this story, his tone was very calm, almost as if he had no emotional ups and downs, but it was this calm tone made people feel even more terrified.

Xu Qiu can come up with a catchy title for this story.

Shocked! The massacre of an old and small family! Is it the annihilation of human nature or the loss of morality?!

Except for Zhu Niang, the stories told by the other cubs are a little suspenseful, but the ending is not too frightening.

When it was Xu Qiu’s turn, she paused and mentioned the adaptation of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”

When Ali Baba dealt with the Forty Thieves, he used quite cruel methods.

Those methods were terrifying even after several deletions. Xu Qiu rejected those torture methods, primarily because she was concerned that the cubs would learn incorrectly.

She altered the story, transforming the over-the-top lad into a failed, hapless one.

“If we come across a thief or something, don’t be as clever as this person.”

Xu Qiu stated solemnly: “In comparison to those illusory things, I believe your lives are more important, and you should think twice before acting. Consider the consequences first, and see if you can bear the worst-case scenario.”

The thieving group happened to pass by the barren star while Xu Qiu was telling this story.

However, people on the spacecraft can’t notice such a small kindergarten through the atmosphere.

This gang of robbers is well-known throughout interstellar space. They rarely take action against people, especially children and the elderly, unless necessary.

But that doesn’t make them nice people; every thief’s hands are stained with blood.

There are forty people in the group, and it is not necessary to have a large number of people do bad things because there are many people, and it is easy to have disagreements.

But this gang of robbers is unique. They are all brothers, born from the same mother. When they cooperate, the blood flowing through their bodies makes them feel very harmonious, and they have an unspoken understanding.

The prototype of this group of thieves is a group of hamsters.

It appears safe and sound due to its cute furry appearance and petite stature, but it is highly deceptive.

Because naming so many hamsters is difficult, all forty hamsters are numbered.

 The head of the hamster was blind in one eye, and there was no way to heal his old wounds even if there was a good treatment cabin.

After all, there is always something specially designed for the treatment cabin, but this hamster’s savagery is unaffected because its blind eye has a new mechanical eye.

Most of the forty thieves had injuries on their bodies, some on their arms, some on their legs, and some on their large, gleaming teeth.

Each of them has undergone certain mechanized body transformations. Even if they don’t carry weapons, their bodies are themselves powerful weapons.

The evil hamster thief group will only be able to fit in with the interstellar prestige if they are fully armed.

“Have San Qi and San Jiu been connected?”

If you want to take down a heavily guarded planet and steal its belongings, you can’t just grab it.

They are forty thieves, and they must, of course, plan meticulously.

The thieves, as in the story, dispatched some people to respond.

Because of their beautiful skins, young San Jiu and San Qi snuck into the realm of ice and snow to work.

With their outstanding workability, the two of them were also promoted, and they were like a duck to water on this ice and snow planet.

The hamster lurking inside the target sent a message using the internal information.

[It has been planned, the field has been cleared, and the target is on its way.]

Every year, a large number of tourists visit. Although it was possible to fish in troubled waters at the time, security was also very strict. The key point is that the funds will be counted every winter when the world’s entertainment venues are closed to the public.

At the moment, all aspects of the planet are relatively weak, making now the best time to act.

There’s one more thing: the owner of this planet has a huge net worth.

They’d heard he was very important to the Federation. They might get a nice commission if they tie people up.

However, there was some disagreement among the Forty Thieves regarding the kidnapping of people.

“Listen to me, we will do an ambush on the road ahead of time, and we will be able to take this guy in the bag!” said the one-eyed hamster, blowing his beard and staring at them.

The hamsters disagreed: “I heard his identity is more difficult to handle. It will not be good to get involved with the Interstellar Law Enforcement Army.”

A relatively aggressive hamster said: “You must be too timid. What are you doing with us if you can’t let go of your hands and feet?”

Although the first two people were a little too direct, this minor squabble did not affect their relationship.

The large ship arrived quickly at its destination and dealt with it successfully internally.

San Liu and San Wu, the two cubs, resemble San Qi and San Jiu. Although they are not twins, as long as they wear a little makeup, there is no discernible difference in appearance from the outside.

Even familiar people cannot tell the difference.

They don’t care about hard work anymore; they want to live a simple, easy, happy, and prosperous life.

San Erba, who was assigned to the spaceship management office, sent a message.

[The target is landing on the planet]

The bandit’s leader blew his whistle, his long beard upturned: [All are ready to be called]

The carefully planned plot has started, and the only audience is always waiting for the entrance.

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