The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.1

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.1

The sky is as gloomy as usual for Asteroid No. 17792, an ice and snow planet, but the person standing on the ground still feels that the surroundings are very bright because looking past, it is full of white snow.

The fluttering snowflakes continued to fall, and someone left a few footprints in the snow, which would soon be covered by another piece of snow.

“Do you want to come back to dinner with me tonight, Xiao Bai?”

A beautiful and hot girl carried a suitcase. She is a tour guide on the ice and snow planet, specifically in charge of receiving visitors.

The young man she asked about had lovely light-grey eyes.

He has a round face but is not fat; his overall facial features are delicate; his eyes are also round, and he appears friendly.

 The young man, affectionately called Xiao Bai, shook his head: “I’m working for Brother Li today. You should go back first.”

“Pay attention to your body because it’s windy at night.”

It was unfortunate, but being reunited with her family was more important. She returned a few times before leaving the spaceship base, dragging the suitcase behind her.

The spaceship base lets people see the famous ice and snow planet in the universe.

This location’s amusement facilities are all made of various ice and snow bricks.

An ice and snow street, an ice castle, and a specially divided ice and snow playground

It’s busy and lively here, which is very different from the indigenous areas.

The majority of the playground’s employees are the planet’s permanent residents. They have thick snow-white fur and appear part of the ice and snow world.

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