The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.2

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.2

Furthermore, their spaceships have undergone significant transformations, and their defence level is relatively high, indicating that they will not be easily damaged.

As a result, they charged forward there, and others smashed the rear base camp.

“What’s the problem?”

The hamster controlling the spaceship quickly drove the spaceship to check the situation using the detector.

He noticed a small spaceship above the sky as soon as he looked up.

The muzzle, which was still smoking, was aimed coldly at them.

“It’s Dr. D, it’s Dr. D’s ship!” cheered the locals.

Yan Dong, as the planet’s owner, must, of course, maintain a sense of distance from the residents, so he does not reveal his true name in front of residents. On this planet, he was known as the cold Dr. D.

“These nasty robbers are finished!”

The hamster group did not doubt that the residents would start singing and dancing if it hadn’t been for the bad timing.

At this point, the hamster guarding the hatch used the broadcasting device to communicate with his companions: “What are you doing now? Why don’t you take off quickly? He got the latest attack device.”

The person in charge of guarding the spaceship is the most skilled with these instruments and mechas.

He observed it and immediately determined the opponent’s strength.

That thing is quite pricey. If you want it, it is not only about money; you can get it with a very high position.

A gun like this can be worth more than their entire regiment’s net worth.

This Dr. D is a filthy rich man!

People are floating in rivers and lakes; how can they avoid being stabbed, and how can they succeed every time?

Hamsters are far more tactful than humans. They immediately walked back like dumplings after receiving the notice from their military advisor, and some of them, still standing in the crowd in a daze, also quickly spread their feet and ran wild.

Fortunately, all the hamsters could board the ship before the spacecraft was closed, thanks to the foot speed gained by stepping on the running circle for an extended period.

It never occurred to them that they had spent so much time and effort on such a long and meticulous plan that they would eventually fail because the enemy underestimated the enemy’s military equipment.

The one-eyed boss was irritated, so he slammed the console hard, and the screen cracked, transforming the once-complete and smooth screen into a mottled cobweb.

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