The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 65.2


It was almost dinnertime, so Xu Qiu rolled her sleeves and went to the kitchen to prepare food.

Because she was unworried about the cubs, Xu Qiu went outside and warned them once more: “Be careful when you play in the snow, don’t freeze yourself.”

Jin Xingxing smiled at the little foxes and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them.”

Xu Qiu greeted the robot assistant, saying that the pickled cabbage was ready to eat some time ago.

They could eat a steaming hot pot of sauerkraut today.

Xu Qiu asked the robot to dig a few stones from the mountains because they didn’t have such a large pot of ceramics.

Most of them are connected. She tells the robot to use the chisel to cut a big piece out of the whole stone, drill a big hole in the middle, and then make the earthen jar.

The robot could create not only earthen jars but also large and small stone pots, stone pestles, and stone mills.

The stone pot is used to make bibimbap, the stone mill to grind the beans, the stone pestle for various seasonings, and the system produces some herbs.

The stones have been washed with water several times to ensure they are clean and easy to use.

At this point, the cubs in the yard screamed.

“Look, look, look over there. The sky’s on fire!”

Xu Qiu dashed out of her work area. Sure enough, a fiery meteor appeared dozens of kilometres in the sky and then crashed heavily into the ground.

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