The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 67.2

Xu Qiu has been greedy for these rewards for a long time, but there are many jobs on it, all of which are to bandage the wounds.

This cubs’ fur is fine, and there is no wound, and it is impossible for the cubs to injure themselves in order to complete this quest achievement intentionally.

It is even more difficult for her since Xu Qiu is more scared of pain, and if a girl is hurt, there will be scars.

It is a good constitution that can be cured, but it will take a long time and the scars will not fade.

But now!

Xu Qiu’s gaze was drawn to these unfortunate thieves.

Here’s a ready-to-use tool for these tasks!

Looking at the clash between the two sides, the snow-white Arctic hare is likely to be on the righteous side, even if it is not a law enforcer.

Xu Qiu had no plans to release the rabbit at the moment. After all, as soon as he awoke, the other party smashed the hamster with a sledgehammer.

This is done to avert potentially disastrous effects.

But, within a certain range, Xu Qiu thought she could choose to be kinder to the Arctic hare.

The two groups of individuals who appeared out of nowhere kept Xu Qiu and the cub busy, and they concluded their work late at night.

The initial hot pot ingredients were far too late to eat, but everyone gathered around and ate it for an hour or two before the next day.

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Xu Qiu threw everything into the pot and prepared a spicy hot pot.

Her scorching and numbingly delicious hot pot is a type of dry stir-fried food. Dishes that have been washed for a long time are poured into the pot, followed by Xu Qiu’s secret chile oil.

Xu Qiu didn’t pour much, considering the cubs’ ability to eat hot food.

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